YouTube to take a plunge into a Breaking News Feed

youtube Breaking News Feed
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YouTube the premier video content hoster on the web is reportedly venturing into a new territory i.e. of hosting a Breaking News Feed. This section in true YouTube manner is a set of videos and not text that one would have to read to infer and consume the news. Unlike the previous roll outs of YouTube’s new features, this news feed feature is not limited to just a select section of the users whereas is being rolled out on much much wider scale than before.

The News Feed Section

This new news feed section is a collection of seven videos that are to be displayed on the website in a horizontal manner instead of the usual vertical. The user can scroll through them and select the video that he or she would like to view. As of such the videos are limited geographically i.e. a geographical area gets videos pertaining to their geography.

Right now the section is hosting a number of videos pertaining to the Barcelona Terror Attack that occurred recently.

If the user is not interested in viewing these news feed suggestions, he is she is welcome to remove it from their account by clicking on the “X” or “Not interested” button.

This new feature is being rolled out both onto the mobile handheld devices as well as the desktop based website.

It is still very unclear whether this new feature will just pop up incase an event of the scale of the Barcelona Terror Attacks occur, or every day reporting the smallest of small day to day news.

What is also unclear is whether these videos that are being displayed are being selected by curation by Google or by popularity.

The Rumour Mill

YouTube was in news again recently when reports emerged suggesting that YouTube was testing a new Android only specific feature. This new feature was to display the number of people that were viewing the same video being viewed by the user at that moment around the world.

This feature of live viewing counter, unlike the news feed, is has been rolled out only to a select group of users at Google’s own discretion. This does indicate that this update if it would be taken live, would be a server side switch and not require action from the user’s side. It is still unclear whether this feature is displayed on to just the beta app users or even the official app users. The view counter can be seen placed just below the like and dislike button.

This feature being rolled out to the general mass users is still very unclear. This feature will, however, be not of any use to the general users apart from the content creators, who will be able to keep a track of the viewership on their publishings and further take help and ideas from that.