WhatsApp goes the Business Way!

WhatsApp goes the Business Way!
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WhatsApp for business as a new business model for the messaging company has been doing the rounds of late on speculation street. Well, to settle all speculation, a quick look at WhatsApp’s FAQ page is all that is required.

WhatsApp’s FAQ page states a business version of the app is to be released. However, the exact dates have not yet been announced yet.

Even before WhatsApp’s FAQ section mentioned a business version, a leak by a reliable tipster WABetaInfo had stated the gain businesses stand to make with a new WhatsApp service.

What’s it supposed to do?

The FAQ translates into the service being used by businesses to engage with the customer.  The customer or business user can ask questions to the business directly, look for support and much more.

Real life scenarios where this new version can be used are:

  • Flight companies informing delays and cancellations

  • Hotels keeping a track of service in rooms and restaurants

Usage Mandates

There are a few mandates to using this version of the service.

  • No name changes allowed

  • Necessity to mention a website

  • Necessity to mention an email

These above mentioned details will need to be mentioned on the businesses user profile.

There would also be controls in place to prevent spamming by the businesses, for instance, “in the form of promotional messages”.

The Distinguishing Factor

The accounts which are verified to be businesses will have a green coloured badge right next to their names on the application.

The business accounts would be also able to set their availability status as away, when there is no one manning the account. This status feature will enable the businesses to set working hours.

The pilot program, which is, at the moment, restricted to a few selected businesses will be open for all once announced officially.