Twitter Makes it Easy

Twitter Makes it Easy
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Twitter is all set to up its game after a dismal last quarter earnings. It has launched a new program to spread the word on its platform and reach out to its followers faster and more efficiently. Influencers rejoice?… or maybe not…

This news was released by Twitter after its poor show as stated in its earnings release. The San Francisco based firm had a flat line regarding their user base growth, and even more importantly, their advertising revenue saw a drop.

Twitter has been testing this automated program for some time and is now releasing it for a closed beta testing phase just for the invited accounts.

The Program

It is a subscription based program that will cost 99 dollars or approximately Rs. 6,349 per month. The initial 30 days when one does subscribe to the program is going to be on-the-house though, to give the user an idea and hands on experience about its various functionalities such that one can take a well thought of call to go ahead with the program.

What Twitter has created is a method to grow one’s following and make sure that their tweets are delivered to the maximum people possible without creating ads, it has also managed to do away with the process of running a campaign. These promoted tweets are where Twitter believes the money lies.

This feature is nothing like their regular advertising. Twitter will now promote the tweets and accounts instead of the older ads program. The campaign manager will not have to anymore go around creating and managing the different advertising campaigns as the program will be doing the manual labor for you. So sit back relax and watch it unfurl.

To take part in this program it being a closed beta phase one has to sign up for a new account and launch a new advertising campaign.

How to apply?

The interested users will have to fill up an online form on Twitter’s landing page and thereby reserve a place in the audience.

A mail will be sent from the company confirming the same i.e. name, place and date of free trial.

The user will have to tweet as he/she usually does and out of these tweets, a few which the program will pick up will be promoted.

The participants will be sent a bi-weekly report containing the details regarding their engagement rate and growth as well as follower metrics that the program entails.

Post the thirty days free trial period the account will be auto renewed for 99 dollars.

The Scope

Signing up for this program will entail only the first 10 tweets to be auto promoted, which will be highlighted in the feeds of users having similar interests or if the audience is already chosen confining to the same geographic location, but not both.

Will it work?

This is a very neat experimental attempt to fish out newer cash flow sources. All we can do is wait and watch how well it gains acceptance with the people.