The first Android O – on a Sony?

The first Android O
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Sony Corporation a Japanese behemoth has over the years been losing footing in many of its ventures. Its television business was suffering so was its sensor business, but nothing was under so much strain as its mobile phone department.

Sony got into the mobile phone business somewhere around the turn of the century and had made gargantuan strides early on by selling innovative devices as compared to the other OEMs like Nokia & Motorola. Then came the industry killer the Apple iPhone and many of the players in the mobile device segment haven’t been the same including Sony with their income sheets painted red.

Of lately Sony has been betting heavily on its Xperia brand and with its recent restructuring and downsizing has finally managed to move into the black from years of red. They are trying to foster in the innovation that made them great earlier. With this in line, Sony has been recently rumored to be releasing the first Android O devices.

The Rumor Mill

As per a leak on the AnTuTu benchmark, Sony is rumored to be the first manufacturer to release an Android O device codenamed G8441 as per AnTuTu probably to be launched as the Xperia XZ1 very certainly suggesting that it will be a flagship. Two variants have been teased one being a single sim and the other being a dual sim.

Device Specifications

Without being confirmed by Sony itself, all that is available in the public forum as the leak is that the device will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 chipset accompanied by 4 GB of ram and having an internal storage capacity of 32GB. The battery capacity is said to have been pegged at 3000mAh. Nothing has been let known in regard to the front and back camera specifications, music connectivity (with the trend showing that the 3.5mm jack is dropped by quite a few makers) options as well as expandable memory.

Screen Resolution

There is a lot of unconfirmed information regarding the screen quality and resolution. There are reports that state that it will be a 720p screen suggesting that Sony is looking to tap into the compact sized but high-end market. On the other hand, the UAProfile suggests a 1080p resolution. Even the screen size has not been confirmed but with a strong bias towards the 5.2-inch form factor

Will it be a resurgence?

Sony being the first player to release an Android O device would certainly help its case in the industry and however the picture might look like now, Android O is certain to excite the enthusiasts and maybe in the battle of the screen sizes Sony might actually make a new heading with its compact-sized extremely powerful form factored device.