The Android Oreo Descends!

he Android Oreo Descends!
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Android fans have long been waiting for this day, the day that Android O releases. Now with an official name Oreo, the next version of Android is to take the world by storm with all of its new features and gimmicks.

Google has announced the release of its newest version of its Android mobile operating system eclipsing the world of the smartphones. The OTA (over the air) update for Google’s own Nexus and Pixel devices has already begun.

Major new Features

Smart Text Selection

Android O brings to the table Google’s advanced machine learning techniques is the form of smart text selection. The ability that this new feature infuses into Android is that of recognizing the selected text as an address or email ID or say a contact number and then display related options pertaining to the text selected.

Picture in picture (native mode)

What the picture in picture feature gets to Android is the ability to let users simultaneously multitask on their smartphones and tablets. One can play video as well as make a phone call, or maybe watch a video and set different reminders at the same time in the background.

Notification Dots

This new feature of Android O can be said to mimic that of the iOS. The users of smartphones that will run the Android O OS can now view a new notification alert in the form of a dot at the top corner of the app icon. Long pressing the app allows the user to very swiftly access the new notification instead of having to drag down the notifications tray from the top.

System Optimisations

Android O is slated to make its app run faster than the previous versions of Android. Google has implemented changes in its runtime kernel along with optimisations such as concurrent garbage collection and code locality.

Improvement in Battery Life

The main issue facing all of the smartphone users in the world is that of battery backup. Gone are the days when one used to charge a phone just once a week.

Android O brings along with its updates in battery utilization by apps. It is to limit background location and WiFi scans, thereby saving a lot of battery life. This will also result in a boost to free additional RAM in the smartphone.

Pin App Shortcuts

Android O enables a very handy never before available functionality of app pinning. Now one will be able to pin apps directly to the launcher from within the app. Users can also create shortcuts to add a specialized activity.

Autofill Framework

At the base of the Android O ideology lies simplicity and making tasks easier for the user. Keeping in line with this Android O will now make setting up a new device and password synchronization much earlier than earlier.

Android TV Home screen

Google has also integrated its new Android TV Home screen into Android O. It will make it easier for a user to find, preview and watch content provided by different apps.

Redesigned Emojis

This year May, Google had announced the release of a new set of emojis. This new set of emojis is to be also available by default on Android O.