Google Glass is Back

Google Glass is Back
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Search engine giant Google has reintroduced the Google Glass explorer edition after it failed to take off and was declared dead in late 2015 after a series of trials with select individuals. It has now been resurrected as the Google Glass Enterprise edition.

Google has spent two full years working very closely with over thirty expert partners to design and build business solutions and customized software for the Glass. The Glass is to be utilized by these same groups of experts in their spheres of work.

Even now as the name suggests, the device is only available to businesses and not individuals through the same network of expert partners that helped in the designing of its enterprise edition. Arguably the glass has always made sense in a business environment as compared to personal usage.


The new enterprise edition Google Glass features an updated camera module with an 8-megapixel sensor compared to the older unit’s 5 megapixels. It has a longer battery life, a new Wi-Fi chip with updated protocols as well as a better processor too compared to the older unit. Now it even features an indicator that basically tells the user that the device is recording video. The main difference though between the older explorer edition and the enterprise edition is that the Glass has been decoupled from the native integrated frame, thereby enabling its use with all kinds of eyewear.

The design has also been tinkered with making it even more lightweight therefore rendering it to be used for longer periods.

Real Life Use Cases

GE Aviation in Cincinnati USA has seen an improvement in the range of 8-12% in their mechanics due to them committing a reduced number of errors as compared to before in their engine overhaul and assembly process.

AGCO Corporation, an American agricultural equipment manufacturer, has equipped its workers with the enterprise edition Google Glass to create reports and access videos remotely.

DHL employees are using the Glass to move inventory around their warehouses at an even faster rate than before.

Doctors at Dignity Health are connecting with patients remotely by looking them directly in the eyes, asking questions and listening as they talk.

The Tough Road Ahead

The Google Glass explorer edition that was released in 2014 for $ 1500 with much fanfare promised a new bold era of communication. It failed to catch on however due to people not being ready to integrate it into their lives due to its health and safety concerns. People’s privacy being affected was another reason as to why it did not catch on.

The new team in place at X (a division of Alphabet) is back at the game with a lot of fervor collaborating with the Google cloud team and their team of expert partners to provide the necessary tools and help required for their customers to take maximum possible advantage of the Glass.

Is the Google Glass way ahead of its time? This second iteration will surely answer that question.