Auto Backup and Sync – Google at it again

Auto Backup and Sync
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Google, the Mountain View C.A. based search engine giant which has started specializing in the internet and related products and services has gone ahead and added one more feather to their already illustrious feathered hat. The company which after some restructuring done based on the verticals and products they are into now is a subsidiary under ‘Alphabet’ with Larry Page as CEO of the tech conglomerate.

The products and services which Google offers to the world are in the spheres of online advertising, search, cloud storage; cloud computing, software and even hardware. Now with optimum resource utilization being a point of contention worldwide and rising costs of infrastructure, Cloud is an area in the tech world which has unfurled its wings so wide that anyone who wants to get into a business which even remotely involves some kind of IT infrastructure, Cloud computing services being offered by the numerous players in the field is what he/she will have to choose as it’s a peer group issue now – everyone is on the Cloud. It certainly solves quite a lot of our problems more effectively certainly more cost effectively.

Google has always released most of their apps and services for free to the public unless it was to be used for heavy duty commercial purposes where they have a small charge for a similar but better suite of services. In this googley manner, they have gone and released a new app for backup and syncing of files and pictures to their drive.

The Utility

What the app or utility does is it makes the process of auto backup of data onto the drive an even easier process. This new utility will replace the Google photos and drive apps on both the Mac as well as windows with this new single combined feature app.

Step by Step process

The process is very convenient, all that one has to do is sign up for new users or sign in into ones Google account, then select the specific folders that need to be continually backed up to the drive. This being an update to the service already in use, all the settings that one has already previously specified will be honored.

Along with for the PC, this app can also be used to back up any folders or pictures from any USB – connected device like SD cards and cameras to the cloud.

Once the process is complete, the contents can be accessed from anywhere using the drive app on the phone, tablet, and computer with the pictures present on Google photos.

For the Business

Google has stated that business users i.e. the G suite users to not upgrade to this as they are readying an enterprise focused utility called Drive File Stream. This is to be released for all the different versions i.e. Basic, Business, Enterprise, Education and Nonprofit towards the end of the year.

Go ahead and Utilize

Users please go ahead and utilize this new version and let us know in the comments as to how much more easy and intuitive the updated service actually is.