Android O Release – On the Horizon

Android O Release
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Android Nougat 7.0 was released by Google last year on Aug 22. Therefore going by the past trends, Android O should also be gearing up for a public release soon, i.e., in August itself. The only deterrent in this being that Android O doesn’t have an official marketing name like Android 7.0 has yet.

Well, to calm a few nerves, David Ruddock, the man helming the insanely popular tech blog -Android Police, which caters to anything and everything eating, breathing, drinking Android in today’s world, took to Twitter earlier to state that Google may release the Android O update next week itself.

This news should be taken with a pinch of salt though as David himself clarifies that only Google Pixel and a few of the Nexus device owners might get lucky this early. The much anticipated Android O shall be released next week due to the fact that Google had just released its fourth and final Android O developer preview last week. However, the name has not been unveiled yet.

David himself has also stated that the date of the release can get shifted to a later day in the year in case Google is not satisfied with Android O’s release papers. Last year Google had released Android Nougat 7.0 along with its flagships – the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

This year, however, that’s not the scenario. This year, the Android OS update will come out before the Pixel 2 Smartphone. The pixel 2 would be released sometime around the end of September or the start of October.

Android O Features

The explosiveness that’s being attributed to every Android O news is due to the features that this next iteration is going to introduce, which aims to increase the user engagement within apps thereby resulting in more people migrating to the latest Android O platform.  The advanced features are convenient, exciting yet enticing for the users.

Android 8.0 is to come out with a slew of features such as picture in picture, auto fill, shortcut pinning, different notification channels, better power saving modes, faster boot times etc. These engaging features are expected to enhance the Android platform with growing time and help better the interaction of apps and the user.

The Waiting Game of Android O

This news will certainly keep the geeks on their toes as the news hasn’t been confirmed by Google yet. David’s source too being an unnamed but very reliable individual doesn’t exactly add the comforting touch required here.