Android Assistant stops Assisting

Android Assistant stops Assisting
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Lately, Android wear users have been increasingly reporting the malfunctioning of the Google’s Android Assistant in their devices. The virtual assistant issues have percolated into the quite a lot of the functions not working as intended.

These niggles in the working of the virtual assistant were reported right after Google pushed its most recent update onto its smart wearables. As of now, the Google assistant is not even able to perform basic tasks such as setting the timer and also sending and receiving text messages. Even the inter connectivity function pertaining to the management of the smart home devices have taken a hit.

Google forums are shouting out reports of users’ increased apathy as the voice recognition system on their smart wearables has stopped functioning.

Google being Google came swiftly to the rescue of these users after it reported that it had unearthed a series of bugs that were leading to this impairment of the Assistant. Google’s community managers got on the bandwagon by addressing the user’s grievances by letting them know that “Google had indeed identified the bugs causing the assistant not to perform as required and that their engineers were working on a fix for it.” They even asked the affected users to keep a lookout for an email in their registered inboxes that would be collecting the bug reports.

After making the necessary changes on its side, Google posted on their forum stating that “A server side change had been installed which they hope would resolve all of niggles that exist on their devices.” Further, Google also let the users know that if the issues still persisted then they were to update their Google app to version 7.8.

Steps to Update Google App

–          Press the power up button and subsequently select Play store from the launcher options.

–          Select the My Apps option by swiping down from the top of the screen.

–          The available Google app update would be displayed, tap on the screen to install.

Google hopes that these set of instructions should suffice to solve the issues on hand. However, it still let the users know that if the issues still persist, then the users are to list out their failing voice commands in an email and send them a bug report from their device.

All these instructions were also mailed to the users affected for their ease of understanding.

Not yet fixed

There are still reports that all of the niggles haven’t been ironed out, which Google has acknowledged. Google’s engineers have reported that they have successfully identified that reasons that are obstructing the earlier updates from working properly and were further working on ironing them out. Google has stated they will inform the users once the bugs have been fixed from their end such that users can give their assistant a go once again.