Android Assistant still persistent in not Assisting

Android Assistant
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The Android smart watch category of wearable recently received an update for its Android Wear 2.0 operating system. This update hasn’t come free of its share of niggles, which is leading to a lot of displeasure in the user’s day to day lives.

A big chunk of the users has expressed their irritation against this update by taking to online community forums. Some have even gone a step further to point out Google’s inability to address this very persistent issue which has been haggling the smart watch community for some time now.

The features that were introduced via this new Android Wear 2.0 update have led to the messing up of reminders functionality of the smart watch.

The Android Wear 2.0 update was made public to the users worldwide this year February. It brought with itself quite a few custom modifications such as custom watch face complications, Google Assistant support and a new system interface for the smart watches.

The issue as per the users primarily lies with the functioning of Google’s virtual assistant i.e. Android Assistant. They have complained that the assistant is not able to deliver on the tasks that Google had advertised. As of now, all that the assistant is assisting with is basic internet searches. Functionalities such as setting the timer and controlling the smart light which was one of the main selling points of the update have been acting up and not functioning as designed to.

This issue of the reminders functionality malfunctioning Google says has been duly noted and has admitted that it’s a bigger issue than what appears on the surface. The malfunction that’s occurring with the reminders functionality is that “recurring reminders are being marketed as completed” without being completed. This is a major problem as several users use the reminders functionality to set reminders for their day to day chores. A patch had been developed to address this issue at hand, but at the moment is failing to do so.

The wearable market has not been able to garner as much interest in the present times as it had promised to do when the first devices had entered the market. These troubles with Android Wear will certainly add to the troubles of the wearable sector and might even possibly drive away future customers.

A statement issued by Google states that their engineers are working very hard to resolve this issue at the earliest such that the users can get back to living their lives worry free.