Latest Apple watch4 OS- A Review

Apple watch4 OS
Apple watch4 OS
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As you may know that Apple, Inc. proudly launched a range of products at a recent event held at San Francisco and Apple Watch Series 3 was one of those much talked about products launched. The latest from the Apple house is its official launch of watchOS 4 that revealed its first impressions in June 2017.

What’s like icing on the cake is that your old existing Apple Watch can also be updated with this new OS from Apple with utmost ease. Free to download, the recently launched Apple watchOS 4 has been designed to make your Apple Watch even more intelligent.

Proactive Siri Watch Face: What’s the main highlight of Apple watchOS 4 is its new and proactive Siri Watch Face that looks both elegant and sophisticated. This new Siri Face actually displays all the personal information through a machine learning that is quite similar to the proactive functionality.

The Siri Face helps displaying the information through a machine learning to actually match your daily routine. To get the most of this particular feature, all you need is to rotate the Digitial Crown of the watch and scroll in vertical direction to check the notifications and other apps available on the face.

Personalized Activity Coaching: Once you get your hand on Apple watchOS 4, we bet you will never ever need to get a coach for your personal training. This is because, this new invention from the house of Apple acts as a perfect personalized activity coach.

To motivate you better, the Apple watchOS 4 shows amazing animation to notify you with your activities and achievements. So, for instance, if you are swimming, the activity will be automatically detected and shown marked on the watch with proper marks.

New Music Experience: Entertainment is assured on the new launched Apple watchOS 4, as it aims to provide you with an altogether new music experience. You will in fact, like the new album art that can be enjoyed by rotating the Digital Crown.

Then, there is an altogether new Music App on this watch to help enjoy music in a better way. You can choose to play Apple curated playlists that includes Favorite Mix, Heavy Rotation and New Music Mix.

GymKit: Another remarkable feature of this new Apple watchOS 4 is its GymKit that is a mind blowing technology platform designed to help connect users workouts with a functional cardio equipment. In fact, those who have already got this new OS from Apple are all praising for this particular new feature that helps them monitor their cardio activities.

Great Compatibility: Now, if you are thinking whether this latest Apple watchOS 4 will be compatible to your existing watch, then here is the answer! Well, as we mentioned earlier, this latest watch can be easily installed on any type of Apple watch including the recent one.

However; the only restriction is that you must use an iPhone 5s or later model to coordinate its functionality in a better way. Moreover, it is completely free to download from Apple Store.