A Hands on Review of Samsung IconX 2018 wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Samsung IconX 2018
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If you are still wondering whether or not to buy the newly launched Samsung IconX 2018 wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, then we are here to help you out with an honest review.

These lightweight and round looking earbuds are a must for those who like to listen to music on the go without operating their smartphones.

Samsung IconX 2018 wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are the ultimate solution when it comes to enjoying an unmatched audio quality that is both clear as well as stable.

Elegant and Comfortable Design: Samsung IconX 2018 wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are designed in an ergonomic way to help the user wear them all day long with utmost comfort.

These cord-free earbuds have been appreciated by users all across the world for the way they easily fit in the ears and stay there securely without much adjustment.

Phone-Free Convenience: Avail the ultimate phone free convenience with these new Samsung IconX 2018 wireless Bluetooth Earbuds that also work as standalone media player, so that you can enjoy your favourite music right from your smartphone.

In fact, you can easily create not just one but two playlists of songs and music, including one for your gym and one for you all-time favourite.

Easy Tap Control: Another remarkable feature appreciated by users using Samsung IconX 2018 wireless Bluetooth Earbuds is its easy tap control that enables you to easily play playlists, choose tracks and turn up and down the volume with just a single tap and sometimes, double or triple tap.

Fitness on the Go: With Samsung IconX 2018 wireless Bluetooth Earbuds plugged in your ears, you get a fitness coach at your side. Yes, these amazing earbuds come with a built-in coach that helps auto tracking your walking and jogging sessions along with distance covered and calories burnt.

The fact that it easily helps you sync with Samsung’s S Health App on your phone, makes it an ideal fitness coach. A number of users are already recommending these earbuds to other friends for this very feature of fitness coach in it.

Powerful Battery: You will never be left aside with the powerful battery backup of Samsung IconX 2018 wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. Users like the way these earbuds enable you to play music for upto 7 hours of playback.

All you need is to keep these beautiful pair of earbuds back into their case to get them charged by way of the Quick Charging Feature. Just 10 minutes of charging will allow you to enjoy almost an hour of music with these smart earbuds.

In all, Samsung IconX 2018 wireless Bluetooth Earbuds give you upto 7 hours in standalone mode and upto 5 hours in streaming mode.

Unmatched Audio Quality: Incorporating a new fitness optimized driver, these Bluetooth earbuds are a must to own. You can easily get a steady flow of music with its mind blowing scalable Samsung codec even in worst conditions.

Price & Availability: These pretty Samsung IconX 2018 wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are priced at an affordable cost of just $50.

You get plenty of eye catching colors to choose from when you plan to buy these amazing Bluetooth earbuds from the house of Samsung and black, pink and white are among them.