Samsung Galaxy Note X

Samsung Galaxy Note X
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Nothing seems impossible when it is Samsung; the brand known for introducing innovative products every now and then! This time, the company is in news for bringing forth a revolutionary and world’s first foldable smartphone. 

Yes, you guessed it right, we are indeed talking about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note X Foldable smartphone.

Bearing model number SM-G888NO, this phone has already been certified in South Korea. Although, we are not sure when this phone will actually be officially released but we are hoping high to get it released most likely in the beginning of 2018.

Although, Samsung Galaxy Note X might not be the first smartphone with a curved screen, we speculate it to be the very first phone with a bendable screen that offers the ease to carry it anywhere in your pocket.

Design & Display: Samsung Galaxy Note X Foldable smartphone is rumoured to come with a spectacular 4K Screen OLED Display of size 5.7 inches. This big screen will be able to emit 1080p screen resolution with an innovative feature like automated arm control and a pixel density of 386ppi.

Earlier, Samsung Galaxy Note X Foldable smartphone was rumoured to sport a 5 inch screen that was imagined to be folded into an 8 inch tablet. However, now according to fresh leaks, this much awaited phone is believed to be folded into a 7 inch tablet.

With such amazing designing and display features, Samsung Galaxy Note X Foldable smartphone is definitely expected to be a showstopper in the smartphone world. 

Camera Specifications: We are still not sure about the expected camera specifications on this new Samsung phone, but from recent pictures we could gauge that it sports a camera lens right on the top side of the closed clamshell.

Besides, there is going to be a selfie camera along with the speaker on the portion on top of the phone on the inside too.

Battery & Processor: Samsung Galaxy Note X Foldable smartphone is believed to come fitted with a 4000mAh non-removable Li-Ion battery. In terms of processor, we are expecting this upcoming revolutionary smartphone to incorporate a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor.

Other Features: We are also expecting a list of amazing features on this soon to be released foldable smartphone from the house of Samsung. It is rumoured to come with features like Fingerprint Sensor and Quick Charging Mode.

Price & Availability: Hopes are high that this phone will be launched globally in the first quarter of 2018, but no exact date has been confirmed by the company yet.

Moreover, we have just come to know that this much awaited phone will be available in a limited edition of just 100,000 pieces at the launch. Since, this one is going to be a revolutionary phone with a unique foldable screen, it is certainly expected to cost towards the higher side of the spectrum.

Stay tuned to grab first hand information about the pricing and color options for this much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note X Foldable smartphone, so you can start saving for yours!