Huaweis First Foldable Smartphone

Huaweis First Foldable Smartphone
Huaweis First Foldable Smartphone
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The race amongst smartphone makers to come with their innovative foldable phones doesn’t seem to end with Samsung Galaxy Note X or ZTE Axon M! Even, Huawei is now in the race to bring forth its first ever smartphone with a foldable screen.

Although, nothing has been revealed about the name of this much awaited foldable smartphone from Huawei, it is confirmed that the makers are busy making one and will probably launch it soon in 2018.

What we can expect at the moment is that this much awaited Huawei foldable smartphone will be a perfect blend of mechanical design, flexibility, advanced features and overall design.

On the other hand, Huawei is already boasting of its numerous patents for this fascinating foldable screen phone, and therefore, we expect it to incorporate nothing but the best in terms of processor. We are speculating it to come with the latest Qualcomm Snapdrapgon Processor Chipset.

It surely seems that those who are eyeing a smartphone with a foldable screen, will now get plenty of options to choose from!

Design: As far as the designing of this exciting Huawei Foldable Smartphone is concerned, we heard that Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group recently said that this particular phone has two screens but there is still a minor gap between the two screens and the makers are busy looking for ways to get rid of that gap.

Apart from this, he further revealed that this particular device will come incorporating the latest in Flexible Screen Technology that will be seen gelling well with a better and improved mechanical design.

Foldable Dual Screen: Undoubtedly, the future is foldable in the world of smartphones, with big companies like Samsung, ZTE and now Huawei bringing forth their own innovative foldable phones featuring dual screen that folds and can turn a smartphone to look like a tab instantly.

This, in fact, is a big engineering challenge for any smartphone maker to incorporate foldable dual screen in its phone without making the phone look ugly and heavy.

Huawei is still on its way to improve the shortcomings in its upcoming foldable phone that has already become the talk of the town for being the third foldable screen phone in the world.

Price & Availability: If rumors are to be believed, we expect this much awaited dual screen foldable phone from the house of Huawei to get launched in the global markets in a super hyped launch event in the first quarter of 2018. However, no official confirmation has been received about the same till now.

On the other hand, rest assured that advanced technology has its own price, so this won’t be an entry level or mid-range phone but a pretty expensive phone. You may expect to shell out approximately $590 or even more to buy it from global markets around the world.

We are still clueless on the color options that will be offered to buyers to choose from for this particular dual screen foldable Huawei smartphone. So, stay tuned to get more updates from us!