Experience Hardware Excellence with the Essential Smartphone

Essential Smartphone
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Essential Products, a Palo Alto CA based startup by Android co-founder Andy Rubin, has just announced the release of a new Android smartphone named the Essential Phone. The Essential Phone manages to elicit the same kind of feeling that the first iPhone had managed to elicit – that of brilliance and grandeur.

Essential Products was founded on November 9, 2015 by Andy Rubin and Matt Hershenson in Palo Alto California to design and manufacture smart hardware devices, the Essential Phone being their first product to be launched in the global market.

The phone is the result of the toils of a small team of less than one hundred people. The goal, as stated by the firm, is to “create a lovemark for Android Smartphones”.

The Standout Feature

The main visual standout feature of the Essential Phone is it’s nearly full phone face display with just a tiny rectangular black bezel at the bottom and a tiny circular cutout to accommodate the front facing camera. This gives the phone a never seen before charm.

Hardware under the Hood

The Essential Phone, as assumed, has the latest in hardware excellence in the smartphone category. Dealing with the processing duties is a Snapdragon 835 octa core chipset (4X2.45GHz & 4X1.9GHz). Supporting it in its cause to provide a lag free viewing experience is 4GB of RAM.

There is ample amount of onboard storage available with 128 GB of storage space on offer as native with no option to expand it using a microSD card. To make sure that the phone never runs out of juice is a 3040 mAh Li-ion non user removable battery.

Display and Camera

This is the area where the Essential Phone shines brighter than the rest of its peers. The display is 5.71 inches in length with a very impressive 2560 X 1312 pixel quadHD screen.

The phone has next to unidentifiable bezels on the side and top of the phone, with the screen hogging more than 90 percent of the real estate on its face. To protect the beautiful screen present on top is the Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

The Essential Phone has a very different camera setup at the back. There are dual 13 MP RGB + monochrome sensors at the back, which basically means, two colour and two monochrome sensors.

The lens’ aperture is 1.85 and comes with features such as hybrid autofocus, combining contrast, phase detection and IR laser. Video recording is done at 30fps for 4K, 60fps for 1080p and 120fps for a 720p resolution.

The front camera unit has a 8MP sensor with a 16:9 aspect ratio and f2.2 aperture fixed hyperfocal lens.

Form Factor

The phone has a Titanium bodyshell, and with its full face display, looks like a piece of art. The back, even though glossy, doesn’t slip from the hand when held. The phone’s titanium ceramic mix makes it for a head-turner for sure.


The Essential Phone is oozing charm from every angle viewed. It’s fit and finish are beyond spectacular and it’s quirky camera unit certainly adds to its street credentials. It has been a long time since a new smartphone has elicited such emotional happiness as the Essential Phone has.

Wait till to grab one in your hands…