Windows 10 S to ease the woes of students and educators

Windows 10 S
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Don’t limit your fascination with Google’s Chrome OS, as something expected to be better is about to surprise you. Yes, you heard us right! We are indeed talking about the much awaited Windows 10 S!

Although, the officials at Microsoft leaked the suspense a month ago on May 2nd, 2017, Windows 10 S, also known as Windows 10 Cloud will be available in the new school year. This stripped down version of Microsoft’s main OS will be easily available on a wide range of devices. The basic idea behind the launch of this new OS is to prevent students and educators from gaining access to malicious websites and software.

Amazing Features:

  • The Big “S”: Now, if you are wondering what the “S” in Windows 10 S means; then here is the answer. “S” here, stands for streamlining, superior performance and secured operations. Enjoy all this and more on this upcoming OS from the house of Microsoft.
  • Educator Friendly: With Windows 10 S, Microsoft aims to reach educators and students, offering them a powerful performance and high security environment to go about with their work. The upcoming Windows 10 S has been designed especially to work in perfect compatibility with almost all apps of the Windows Store. Educators will get to avail free subscription for one year to Minecraft Education Edition.
  • OneDrive Cloud Convenience: Initially, referred to as Windows 10 Cloud OS, this new update from the house of Microsoft offers one of the best solutions for storage directly in the operating system. Offering this OneDrive Cloud Convenience, Windows 10 S aims to provide a friendlier and user friendly experience.
  • High Compatibility: After a series of experiments on cheaper Windows versions, MS has finally come up with this all new Windows 10 S version that is going to be compatible with all types of laptops, desktop applications and peripherals. In fact, due to its high compatibility, it is considered a serious competitor to Google ChromeBook OS.
  • Superb Browser Support: Microsoft did its best in offering an amazing browser support on Windows 10 S Operating System. Currently, it supports all the web browsers available in the Windows Store and is most compatible with the Edge Browser and Bing Search Engine. You may be a little disappointed to see it lacking support for Google Chrome as of now.

Pricing & Availability: As far as its price and availability is concerned, it is expected to be available on laptops at an approximate price of $189 in the new school year for teachers and students. This all new and a comparatively lightweight Windows 10 version will not be available for sale individually. Instead, it will be available only on the new devices that are allotted to the educators in the IT administration. This is not all… For schools that are already using PCs that are running on Windows Pro, this new OS will be completely free of cost.