UBTECH introduces its $800 Alexa-powered Lynx Robot

ubtech Alexa-powered Lynx Robot
ubtech Alexa-powered Lynx Robot
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UBTECH took almost a year to finally bring its last year’s announced Lynx Robot up for sale. Yes, UBTECH, one of the world’s leading AI and humanoid robot manufacturing companies has finally launched its Alexa-powered robot that is capable of doing an array of things in a smart way.

This amazing robot has been designed in such a way that it can instantly answer all your questions, turn on or off your lights and even help you turn fit by instructing yoga to you. Sounds interesting isn’t? Well, this and more can actually be experienced with this cute white human like robot.

Cute Design: To start off with let us acquaint you with the whole cute designing of this UBTECH robot. This all-white robot sports an appealing humanoid design that may look fascinating to many and boring to a few.

This Alexa enabled purpled eyed robot has a green button right there on its chest. At the same time, you will notice a sharp camera right there in between its eyes. On the other hand, you will find powerful LED strips at both sides of the head that lit up when the user gives an Alexa command.

The designing of Lynx has been done with ultimate technologies and just behind the LED strips, there are more lights that lit up when the robot is connected to any Wi-Fi device. Now, if you are wondering how will the robot speak, then worry not because it has two speakers fitted in place of ears.

Compact Dimensions: Standing around 18 inches tall, this UBTECH Lynx robot can be at par with a cat in terms of height. 10 pounds is all that this smart gadget weighs that includes its two wide and strong feet that allows it to move around.

UBTECT introduces Lynx as a superb robot with articulated joints, so that it can easily bend from hips, knees, shoulders, elbows and even from ankles just like us human beings. This is not all, its head has been made to swivel around with utmost ease.

Alexa Integration: Now, coming back straight to the main highlight of this new gadget and that is none other than its Alexa integration. Just like the recently launched Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker, this one too is capable of integrating with Alexa speakers to grasp your voice commands with ease.

All you need is to first pair this intelligent robot with Amazon via a special Lync app and Alexa app and it will be all set to follow your voice commands. It will hardly take about 5 minutes to set up everything and connect it with Alexa speakers.

Your Perfect Yoga Instructor: You need not worry to stay fit when you bring home this stormtrooper robot that can also act as a perfect yoga instructor. Just instruct Alexa to turn Lynx as a yoga instructor and there you go doing yoga with this robot that actually demonstrates some of the best yoga exercises and poses.

All the yoga poses demonstrated by Lynx are pretty simple to follow and each pose is hold on for about half a minute. Moreover, before going to another pose, Alexa will first ask whether you want to go to the next pose or continue with that pose only. Just a few poses like horse riding pose and a left leg forward pose are the ones in which this UBTECH gadget may topple off a bit.

Brilliant Camera: Another attractive thing worth mentioning about Lynx is its camera that comes fitted right there on its forehead. This one is a decent 13MP camera that can click images with a sharp camera shutter sound instantly on a voice command.

Just by saying “Cheese” the camera on this robot clicks the image in front by first moving around its head to detect a face in front. Once a face is detected only then it clicks a photo. The images clicked get saved in the cloud storage of this gadget.

All the images are captured at a perfect resolution of 1600 x 1200 with crisp and accurate colors. You can even be a little experimental while shooting images with this robot by using its Avatar Mode to get images clicked in a bit lower resolution of 1536 x 960 but most of images clicked in this mode come out blurred and shaky.

Manual Avatar Mode: Just elaborating a bit on its unique Avator Mode, we would say it is a feature that allows you to take a manual control of this intelligent device. Through this mode, you can easily make this robot move around using your smartphone.  Moreover, you can easily choose to instruct Lynx to handshake, hug or give a high five through Avatar Mode.

Surveillance Mode: On the other hand, not to forget that you can even rely on the Lynx to do a surveillance of your home in your absence. Yes, it can work as a security camera and can even replace your CCTV cameras. It will first beep and then record a half a minute video and send directly to your phone if it detects an unusual movement through its motion detector.

Play Music: As told before, the robot features two smart speakers as ears for a musical experience. The two speakers of this smart robot lets you play all your favourite music with a clear audio quality like the one experienced on Google Home Mini or Echo speakers.

Battery Life: Once charged, this robot can work perfectly for about an hour, while sitting idle it may even last for up to 2 hours. Moreover, when the battery is low, it will itself inform you saying “My battery is low.” 2 hours is all that is required to fully charge this gadget.

Pricing: Now, hold your breath tight before we disclose the pricing of this recently launched gadget from the house of UBTECH. In fact, its costly price is already considered as a con of this otherwise useful and intelligent robot. $800 is the hefty big amount you need to pay off to bring home this Alexa-powered Lynx Robot.

So, if your budget allows, you can consider buying this decent humanoid robot from UBTECH that will at least help you do yoga at home.