Top 7 Gadget Predictions for CES 2018

Top 7 Gadget Predictions for CES 2018
Top 7 Gadget Predictions for CES 2018
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While for many, the arrival of the New Year is just about the holiday season approaching, there is also a large part of the world’s population that eagerly awaits the launch of innovative  gadgets that they can flaunt as part of their New Year resolutions. For all those tech fanatics, we’d like to share that the much-awaited CES 2018 is scheduled to be held between January 9th and 12th, 2018 at Las Vegas.

 CES or the Consumer Electronics Show is held every year to unveil the latest and most highly anticipated gadgets from top brand makers like Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Sony and other tech giants. While, it may be difficult to grab all the gadgets announced at the CES trade show, one can definitely get hooked to know what is expected to be launched in this year’s show.

 So, here is a list of best 7 gadget predictions 2018 that we speculate to be unveiled during the mega CES 2018 event.

1.       Google Devices

Right there on top of our list of gadgets rumoured to be showcased in CES 2018 is Google Pixel 2 devices. In fact, if rumors are to be believed, Google is going to have its own booth in this mega event to be held in Las Vegas.

The well-known gadget maker is expected to bring forth a number of “Made by Google” products in this upcoming electronics trade show. On its list are a few Chromebooks along with Google Home speaker models and the much talked about Google Pixel 2.

2.       Samsung Galaxy S9

At number 2 of our list of 7 gadget predictions for CES 2018 comes the already popular Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. Earlier expected to be launched in October 2017, this much awaited phone from the house of Samsung will now be showcased and launched in CES 2018.

Featuring a 16MP dual camera at the rear side and an elegant 6.2inch AMOLED 4K display, this pretty successor of the recently launched Samsung S8 will be available in a 6GB RAM model in two internal memory variants, including a 64GB and a 128GB model.

Mini projector, fingerprint scanner, 3D touch fast charging and retina eye scanner are expected to be some other exciting features of this soon to be launched smartphone. In terms of price, we speculate it to cost not less than $949 to give a tough competition to Apple iPhone X priced at $999.

3.       LG G7 Smartphone

Up next in the list of our 7 most highly anticipated gadget rumors for CES 2018 is LG G7 smartphone. Sporting a dashing 5.7” AMOLED display, this upcoming flagship phone from the house of LG will be a high-end phone incorporating all the latest features.

It’ll sport a powerful Snapdragon 845 processor along with an amazing support for the latest Android 8 Oreo OS. Expected to be launched in two different RAM models, this phone will be made available in a 6GB RAM with 64GB inbuilt memory and a mind blowing 8GB RAM model with a 128GB internal memory.

LG G7 is rumoured to feature a 13MP dual camera at the rear side and a decent 8MP front side camera. Talking about the price speculations about this particular phone from LG, we believe it will come with a price tag of approximately $749.

4.       Dell XPS 15 Laptop

At number three position of our top 7 gadget predictions for CES 2018 is something from the house of Dell. Yes, you guessed it right again; we are talking about the Dell XPS 15 Laptop. As the name suggests, this one will be a massive 15 inch laptop with improved features and style.

The most exciting feature of this yet to be launched product from Dell is the innovative 8th Gen Intel processor. You may even expect this gadget to come with the optional upgrade of the popular Nvidia GTX 1060 for an exceptional gaming experience.

You can expect a better storage capacity and stupendous connectivity along with a better battery backup. This 5K display sporting premium laptop from Dell may cost you about $3000.

5.       Sony Turnable Devices

Sony will definitely have quite a number of things to showcase at the well acclaimed CES 2018 event. We expect the company to launch upgraded versions of its already launched audiophile headphones and affordable 4K projectors. This is not all, we do believe that company will expand its Bravia series of televisions too!

Rumors are rife that this time on, Sony will also unveil its latest QLED TV to give a tough fight to the already popular Apple 4K TV. Moreover, you never know if the world’s leading electronic maker will surprise you with its new turnable devices in CES 2018 event.

6.       Huawei P-Series Phones

Huawei will have its own range of products ready to be launched in CES 2018 and we hope high that P-Series smartphones will definitely be there in its entire range of latest products! Although, the company already launched one of the P-Series phones in 2017, we expect it to launch a few more models in 2018.

Huawei P11, with its 5.8 inch IPS display, will be something to watch out for amongst all other smartphones that will be unveiled during the event. Featuring a superb 20MP dual rear side camera, this phone with 3200mAh battery is expected to appeal to many smartphone lovers.

7.       Alexa, Siri and Cortana Smart Speakers

Lastly, going by the latest traditions in the gadget world, we are pretty sure that this year’s CES event will witness the launch of many more upgraded versions of smart speakers. Ranging from an Alexa, Cortana or a Siri compatible smart speaker, you can expect to see advanced speakers launched in this trade show.

Although, we are not sure which company will score high in launching its smart speaker but we may see a tough competition between Google, Amazon and Sony in launching their respective smart speakers in 2018.

 So, stay tuned to know which one of our gadget predictions for CES 2018 turns out to be true and how!