The Kano Pixel Kit

The Kano Pixel Kit
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Start early and beat the average learning curve, someone would have said. Nowadays with the world becoming so smart and connected, the children in our society are being exposed to information at a very rapid pace and a very early stage. Contrary to the belief that they will not be able to process it, they are very-well managing it. That’s not all. These kids are ‘pros’ in handling the new age information. No wonder, the number of news reports, on people getting their Ph.D. in their teens, have been on a constant rise since the turn of the 21st century.

However, these exceptional people are still very far and few compared to the vast population on earth. Sensing this opportunity, Kano, a venture started by Alex Klien, Yonatan-Raz Fridman and Saul Klien aims to create interest and hone the skills of these budding minds from an early age. It makes very easy and interactive computer kits with the intended audience being the kid’s segment.

The Device

The Kano Pixel Kit, as the new device has aptly been named, is an interactive build-it-yourself and program-it-yourself display (digital obviously) which aims to enable the children section of the demographic better understand the coding and technology world.

In true entrepreneurial fashion, the idea for this came from Alex’s six-year-old cousin. He wanted to build his own version of the computer which was as easy as putting together blocks of Lego.

Kano was launched on Kickstarter as a campaign to raise around 100,000 USD but ended up raising 1.5 million USD (what a boost to motivation). They have now managed to raise another 15 million USD in a series of ‘A’ funding round.

Design & Ease

The pixel kit is an addition to the existing product line up of kits to build computers and HAD screens by Kano. They have also branched out into do-it-yourself digital cameras and speakers. Kano may be following Apple in the aspect of design as the product is very aesthetic and arrives looking like a high- tech bento box looking all hip and colorful.

A help booklet that comes along with the device is very user-friendly and delves out assistance even for an unintended audience and is sure to catch their eye. The appealing, compact yet interesting product kit aims to help children go beyond the imaginations.

The Verdict

While the other such devices are priced at 150 USD, the price would be an easy buy for the parents impressed by the concept. The Kano Pixel Kit was promoted on Kickstarter retailing for 99 USD with the deliveries to begin December end last year, but due to certain mishaps like a fire in the factory and a wi-fi  antenna showing niggles, the dates were pushed to July this year.