The Apple iOS App Store Ads a “Weekend Deals” Section

App Store Ads a “Weekend Deals” Section
App Store Ads a “Weekend Deals” Section
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Apple, along with the release of the new version of iOS, has also completely redesigned the iOS App Store. Apple is shifting the focus of the App Store from primarily being just a marketplace to be more like an editorial magazine. The App Store, now along with the apps, will also display articles, interviews, how-to’s, lists and other round-ups with app recommendations.

Now Apple is going a step further in this crusade and has gone ahead and launched a new feature for the App Store called “This Weekend Only”. This new section lists out deals that can found inside apps, as opposed to discounts on downloads of apps themselves.

The list for this weekend has numerous deals of which the standout ones are a forty percent discount on HotelTonight bookings, a free case from Warby Parker, twenty dollars off on Under Armour orders, free Chips & Queso from Chipotle and fifteen percent off on orders at Shoptiques.

This new “Weekend Only” section was first noticed by websites such as 9to5Mac early on Tuesday itself when it first debuted. Experts state that Apple has very craftily launched this new feature now to try and capitalise on the hectic holiday shopping season ahead. It forecast that the United States will, for the first time in history, surpass the count of desktop holiday shopping visits by free holiday shopping visits.

Apple trying to cash in on this new statistic makes absolute sense as it would be capturing consumer interest in the mobile commerce segment by pointing people to apps where they could save on purchases, as well as on other holiday expenses, like travel.

Talking on a broader perspective, a recent analysis of the revamped App Store reports that Apple’s new App Store features mainly the “App of the Day” and “Game of the Day”, even though extremely notable in driving their downloads saw more action on weekdays rather than on weekends. To put this fact into numbers for a better understanding of the report, the weekday download boost from being featured was 2,172 percent compared to weekends’ five hundred and eighty percent boost.

These numbers paint a picture that would excite promoters and advertisers as it leaves room for a different type of app promotion to target weekend iPhone users.

This new promotional offer of “This Weekend Only” starts on a weekday rather than on a weekend as the name suggests. Apple’s note indicates that the deals will pop-up starting on Thursdays and run through Sundays.