OnePlus accused of using cheat codes yet again with OnePlus 5 to pass the benchmark test

OnePlus 5 to pass the benchmark test
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Earlier this year, it was found that OnePlus 3T was using cheat codes to pass the benchmark tests in order to boost its performance.  Apparently, history seems to be repeating itself! Yes, just a couple of days after the official release of OnePlus 5, accusations of the company using cheat codes to clear the benchmark test have surfaced yet again!

As per reports by XDA Developers, OnePlus 5 is incorporated with a special Oxygen OS Android software that first detects some of the popular applications for testing performance and than automatically boosts the phone’s performance to a maximum level of 1.9 Ghz. The report suggests that OnePlus 5 is using cheat codes to maximize the performance to come to the limelight. The list of seven affected benchmark testing applications that are manipulated through this cheat code include Quadrant, Vellamo, AnTuTu, Geekbench 4, Nenamark 2, GFXBench and Androbench.

This is certainly not a welcome move since it ultimately misleads the customers and degrades the efforts of journalists and reviewers by presenting misleading data. Above all, a wrongful move like using cheat codes to clear the benchmark tests casts a shadow of doubt on the credibility of all OnePlus devices and can prove detrimental to the company in the long run.

Experts have already deemed OnePlus 5 as a clone of Apple iPhone 7 Plus but now the phone has again come into bad light as a benchmark test cheater too! Copying similar looks and features is a common scenario even among the most popular smartphone makers. However, for a comparatively new company like OnePlus to indulge in such behavior is a shock for many.

On the other hand, Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus downplayed the accusation of cheating the benchmark tests. According to him, the chipset used in OnePlus 5 is fully activated in Oxygen OS to help make the experience smoother as well as faster.  OnePlus 5 is not cheating and the phone has been developed in such a manner that while running benchmark applications, it performs as if running resource intensive applications whenever an app is launched. By doing, so the makers have not simplified their chipset and have not cheated in its performance level.

Despite the fact that OnePlus officials have actually denied the accusations for overclocking and installing cheat codes; the phone is rumored to keep the CPU frequencies higher so as to obtain the maximum results in benchmark testing.

So, no matter what the officials at OnePlus say or the Googlers and XDA Developers say; one thing is for sure as of now that there would be serious questioning and doubt on the overall performance of the newly launched OnePlus 5. Customers cannot be fooled. They will ensure that they double check everything and are fully convinced about the phone’s performance before they decide to splurge on it.