OLED Display – The Road Ahead

OLED Display
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Our eyes are most probably the first ways of feeling the presence of a certain something in the world. Nowadays a certain device, the smart phone has come between us and the first sunlight. This device has ingrained itself (call it the perils of present times) so much so in our lives that we start our day by shutting the alarm off on it and end our day by checking or switching the alarm on again for the next day on it, sometimes even said to be an extension of our arms. In certain scenarios, it has taken the place of in person sight of the first crush or our better halves which we are now seeing them on a screen instead of in real life with social media rife in the world.

We yearn for beauty in everything and with the smart phone being an ingrained member of our life which has to show us the pictures of our crush and lovers the display screen has to be as brilliant as possible to show us the best picture of them. Apple Inc. is also taking the smart phone wars this way, updating its most prized possession the iPhone with better display screens.

Apple – what next??

Quite a few rumors recently have fuelled the thought that Apple is going to ditch its LCD displays for a far superior OLED display screen on its iPhone range of devices. A recent report quoted by the Nikkei has claimed that Apple has already begun the design process of its devices to sport the OLED display which are slated to release the next year.

The iPhone 7S and 7S plus which is due to be released this year will sadly not be sporting the OLED display. The same report states that all future iPhones after the next year’s iPhone are to sport the OLED screens having a near bezel-less display. Apple’s recent deal with Samsung and LG to boost up production pertaining to OLED panels certainly sits right with these rumors.

There is another rumored report also going around that Samsung and LG the panel producers will not be able to meet demand if Apple decides to use OLED panels on all its future iPhone models as there is a risk of production going awry.

What’s the takeaway??

With Apple finally going in for the OLED display it might actually finally put the ball in Apple’s court with the iPhone getting the undisputed tag of the best phone in the market, as compared to the age old debate that Apple’s devices are good but the display is a letdown compared to that of Samsung or Sony. This, the iPhone getting that tag is to be left for the industry to decide, till then lets us wait and watch how the smartphone wars go and maybe resist ourselves to go and procure the 7S or 7S plus.