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Apple Smart-Home Experience
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Recently, there was an article which went about stating the different reasons as to why we haven’t  been hearing of any new big startup emerge from Silicon Valley and impact our lives the way Intel, Apple, Google and Facebook have. While there are various ideas, progress on which is underway, the last big thing was Facebook, which happened 13 years ago.

However, it all ultimately boils down to just one thing. The day we see another innovation from Silicon Valley that truly touches our lives, that ‘big startup’ will be born. That is one of the things that sets apart the ‘legendary’ companies that have their origins in the Valley.

For instance, Apple has been bowling us over with one innovation after the other in recent years, and therefore, has emerged as one of the biggest and most loved brands globally. In fact, the latest in the series of offerings from Apple, amongst the Valley legends, is the smart-home experience.

Sample the Experience:  What Apple’s Smart Home Experience is all about

Apple is a company that has been able to do it ‘just right’ from the very beginning, even though it has seen pitfalls along the way.

The latest innovation to hit the market from the WizKids at Apple is called the Smart Home Experience which is basically all of Apple’s HomeKit products working seamlessly to make everyday lives easier just a tad bit.

Apple has kitted out 46 of its stores worldwide (sadly none in India as of now!) with this Smart Home tech for the unaware to experience. Walking into these select stores, one will now be able to control the Philips hue light, the Hunter ceiling fan and more just from their iPhone, iPad and even the iWatch using the Home app.

So, if you feel like the blinds to the window need to be drawn in the living room while sitting in the bedroom, it can be done and viewed using the app. So your home controls will now literally be at your fingertips!

So go ahead combine a few HomeKit devices on the app, create a new scene and then command either by touch or Siri.

Do Try

So go visit the closest store next to you and check out this very novel environment that Apple has laid out for all of us to experience and then take a call on its viability.