Microsoft Whiteboard app for Windows 10 leaked

Microsoft Whiteboard app for Windows 10
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The Whiteboard app by Microsoft, which was first displayed for Windows 10 in the Surface Pro event in May, has leaked online as an early copy ahead of its launch later this year. It has revealed some interesting features and details, and will be available for Windows 10 stylus devices later this year.

While there is a preview already available for users of Surface Hub who have already experienced the capabilities of the software, it will later in the year be launched for Microsoft devices which include the likes of new Surface Pro and Surface Studio all-in-one.

The leaked preview is supposed to be more of an “Education preview” of the final software. Apart from the known features like geometry recognition and automatic table shading, there are precision tools like a ruler for better inking, and a huge range of basic pens and highlighters. You can also insert images in your canvas directly from the internet completely hassle-free! Another attractive feature is that after inking an equation, the equation chart is automatically created by the intelligent software!

Moreover, Bing searches have been directly integrated into the Whiteboard app, using which we can just write a search term using our stylus and the app will browse the internet in search of relevant copyright-free images. These can be included in the canvas directly, and basic transformations like rotate and flip operations can be performed on the image as well.

The most alluring addition into the Whiteboard app has to be the collaborative inking feature. This powerful tool allows Windows 10 users to set up a meeting, similar to a conference call feature, and then express their ideas on the canvas in real-time. However, this feature is currently unavailable in the leaked app as the feature to sign in using Microsoft account has not been added yet. In the preview of this feature, the participants’ display picture is present next to the ink input for them to make the necessary edits during the meeting.

When it comes to basic inking, the Whiteboardapp is one of the best tools available, replete with functionalities. The smart shapes present in the app are impressive and adequate attention to detail has been given by the developers. Microsoft is further pushing forward the software by adding  features like search and equations, even after their basic demonstration last month.

In a recent announcement by Microsoft, the company mentioned that those who have subscribed to Office 365 beforehand will be offered certain ‘exclusive capabilities’ which will provide the users with perks and extras for them to benefit from the productivity suite even better.

We just hope Microsoft doesn’t make us wait anymore for this app and unleashes it at the earliest! The leak certainly has got our attention and the Whiteboard app is expected to be a revelation in the future of stylus based inking apps. It is definitely a huge step forward by the company.