Microsoft – One to never say ‘NO’

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Microsoft, the Remond, Washington-based software and electronics service provider has been in a matter of fact way the Goliath of the software services industry with a market cap of approximately $ 500 billion. The company which started operations by providing BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8000 is now presently into developing, manufacturing, licensing, support & sales of computer software as well as consumer electronics, services, and personal computers. We best know Microsoft for their Windows OS platform and Office suite of tools.

Quoting the venerable Bill Gates itself “If I’d had some set idea of a finish line, don’t you think I would have crossed it years ago?” Microsoft has grown leaps and bounds from its early days to be where it is right now. They have expanded vigorously by offering the best of technology solutions in the different forms they believe just are touted to be prime contenders in the race of the 1st company to cross the 1 trillion USD market cap value.

It hasn’t been a rosy ride into the sunset for Microsoft, they have had major pitfalls along their way to the top, a lot of their ideas and projects did not work as they were supposed to even though they were supremely well built and packaged. But with the attitude to live on to fight another day is what keeps this giant going every day. Keeping in line with this ideology, there are rumors that Microsoft would be entering the Smartphone space yet again.

The Rumor in the air

Post the launch of the Lumia 950 & 950XL, the Remond based behemoth has not released any handsets. It has been rumored that they have gone ahead and altogether shut down the Lumia brand and are to release a new very premium phone under their Surface brand. As per technology site, Microsoft is testing a prototype Windows 10 device. There is no clarity as to if it’s a tablet or a smartphone. Alex Kipman is the man at the helm of this project the same person who is also pioneering the HoloLens project at Microsoft.

The Device

A report surfaced shedding light on the codenames of the devices as Surface Pecking & Slavonia. It is to be based on the ARM module instead of Intel running Windows 10 based on CShell on the Qualcomm’s latest 835 chipset. CShell not being very stable in its current form shows that Microsoft has an uphill task cut out for them.

The way forward

Keeping in mind the market scenario of smartphones, Microsoft’s product will have to be extremely distinguishable from its current operating peers to make a mark, and with Alex Kipman leading the project heavy odds are placed on the fact that the phone/tablet that will be released will Aras well as VR (augmented & virtual reality) thereby carrying a hefty price tag thereby making it out of reach for the mass market for the time being. But with it becoming successful who knows when the tech will filter down to more reasonably priced phones so that everyone can experience AR & VR in their palm.