Mac OS Sierra Updated – Secure with better Compatibility

Mac OS Sierra Updated
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Apple has released an update to its Mac OS – Sierra, the version being v10.12.6. All the Mac and iMac users can now download the same from the Apple App Store.

Mac OS Sierra was launched by Apple in September last year, and the latest update would be the sixth that Sierra has gotten. It is the first version to be released as a successor to the OS X El Capitan since Apple changed the naming nomenclature to Mac OS. The default desktop wallpaper is that of Lone Pine Peak, letting us know that the name Sierra comes from the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

This is likely to be the last update as Apple is set to release a new OS called the Mac OS High Sierra. Apple has been belting out updates diligently every two months.

The Updates

Compared to the last update, i.e., Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5 which had fixed the headphone connectivity issue along with enhanced App Store compatibility, the newest update 10.12.6 does little for laymen to understand. The update has more of technological advancements.

The 10.12.6 update does not introduce any bug fixes and additional features. Rather, Apple’s focus this time around was on improved security and even better compatibility with different software. The Mac team has worked relentlessly to try and achieve an extremely high-security standard, such that users are never affected by malware, spyware or even adware as such.

Compatible Devices

The new update is available for free download to all the users who have the below-mentioned devices:

  • MacBook (edition 2009 & newer)
  • MacBook Pro (edition 2010 & newer)
  • MacBook Air (edition 2010 & newer)
  • Mac mini (edition 2010 & newer)
  • Mac Pro (edition 2010 & newer)
  • Mac (edition 2009 & newer)

The update can be accessed from the update software function found in the devices.

The question is to Update or not?

This update coming at this time will put this question into all our heads ‘should one update the OS or not?’. This doubt comes to our mind as Apple is readying the release of its next Mac OS called the Mac OS High Sierra which will be mostly v10.13.

High Sierra is slated to bring in a lot of functional improvements, and with it being kitted out to work on the same physical requirements as Sierra, it doesn’t give many a choice to avoid the updating the system.

It has already begun beta testing with a public beta release slated for the end of the month and a complete functional release sometime in the autumn. High Sierra gets with it comprehensive editing options in Photos, official external graphics card support as well as Metal 2 graphics tools. The High Sierra is also rumored to come with VR development support for the geeky bunch.