iOS 11 will unbox massive changes for your iPad or iPhone

apple ios 11
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While you will have to wait a while longer for iOS 11 from Apple, the company has launched its beta version for the public. And before you are in for a surprise, let us warn you… your iPad will no longer feel the same!

With a special focus on multi-tasking this time around, the user experience has certainly become smoother and will prove to be a welcome change. So if you have ditched your iPad and fallen prey to the ease of using your smartphone, it’s time to bring it out of the box yet again and enjoy the whole new experience.

With completely new designs and frameworks, Apple has brought about a huge change in the way we used these devices.

Here are the 7 major changes in store with iOS 11:

1. Drag and Drop

You can easily drag and drop content now with iOS 11 beta Version. For instance, if you want to send maybe three pictures via mail, all you need to do is to tap those images in the Photo App and then drag them straight into the mailbox attachment. Send the photos to your near and dear ones by just using the simplified drag and drop feature! The simple hacks this OS has added far more convenience and swiftness to how we operate our iPad and iPhone.

The user can conveniently drag and drop URLs, images or more from one app to another.

2. Reframed App Dock

One thing is changing for the better and quicker access to Apps is the App Dock. Users could keep, at the bottom row of the icons on iPad only a few apps. This was annoying to keep swiping screens to find another useful application. A big time simplified to look like on iMac is provided. The dock now can keep up to 13 apps in the App Dock to keep the favorite apps handy.

3. Focus on multitasking – Split windows

There is a renovated multitasking. You can now use multiple apps on the single screen. Unlike what iOS 10 provided, now along with two applications, if the user wants to use the third app, the user can do so easily. The app will float in its free space. This gives a feel as if the user using a laptop.

4. Apple Pencil better performance

The user can easily and smoothly take down notes now with the help of Pencil. Now, this will enable the user to mark the important points, save screen shots with marked notes in the form of the pdf file and share it.

5. Customized control center

Now a user can add customized shortcuts in the control center. The leeway has been provided to the users to keep shortcuts from various controls such as screen recording function or  Apple TV controls.

6. Keyboard with key flicking

Apple has now come up with key flicking with numbers just like 12.9 inches iPad Pro. Now, the user will not have to keep switching between the numbers and letter anymore.

7. Completely new App Store

The App store has changed majorly. Apple has put emphasis on quality apps now. The clean look makes room for not all game apps but top paid apps from other developers.

There are other small changes which Apple has introduced with iOS 11 beta version, while we wait for the final version soon.