Beta Version of Files Go App Released By Google

Files Go App Released By Google
Files Go App Released By Google
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Sometime earlier this week, the unfinished Files Go App was, by mistake posted on the Google Play Store in a few select regions of the world. Since the app released in a few markets, Google has gone ahead and released the app to the whole world, albeit in beta version though.

The app can now found listed on the Google Play Store. Interested users are requested to try the app out and provide their feedback to make the app experience better.

The leaked app spotted on the Google Play Store elicited a tweet from Ceaser Sengupta. His tweet reads, “Looks like some of you found our Files Go Beta 🙂 We thought we’d make it available for a few more of you on the Play Store. Feedback welcome!“.

Ceaser is a member of Google’s highly skilled team based out of Singapore. The link in the tweet points towards the same app that is now available on the Google Play Store and asks interested users to download the app and provide their feedback to the Files Go team.

Google has cautioned users of the app that it is in the beta stage and yet to be finished in fundamental design. The version released on Play Store now by Google is the same that was leaked accidentally by them a couple of days ago. Users of the downloaded app might witness some screen freezing when one would try and refresh the app’s home screen.

The Files Go App contains all the features that Google thinks a user would require from a file management application. ItIs remarkable, because the app is still unfinished in design. The file sharing feature of this app appears to be an Android equivalent of the Apple’s AirDrop. The Google app also comes with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

In the functionality department, the Files Go App will help the user to better manage the data present on the device’s, both internal as well as external (microSD card) storage capacity. It leads to doing this by utilising its algorithm to wipe out junk as well as clear out the unnecessary files present on the device.

The highlight of this particular function of the app is that it will remind the user about the various apps which have not been used for thirty consecutive days, thereby prompting the user to delete the app, clearing up valuable space.

Previously released reports suggest that the Google Files Go App is to have a Storage tab with a card-based interface. The cards will be helpful in letting the user monitor the device’s space as there are cards such as Large files, Duplicate files, Downloaded files, Junk media and App Cache. The idea of the app is to do all essential file managing along with smart suggestions.