Experience 5G with Qualcomm’s X50 Processor and 1st 5G Smartphone!

Qualcomm’s X50 Processor
Qualcomm’s X50 Processor
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If you thought that 4G is the end in technology, then get set to experience 5G soon on the upcoming X50 Processor from the leading processor manufacturer company, Qualcomm.

Yes, be ready to enjoy amazing 5G speed on a number of upcoming devices through the in-process Qualcomm’s X50 Processor. Expected to be available in the first quarter of 2018, this new processor in the making is going to be approximately 100 times faster than the currently used wireless technology.

You never know that the new phone that you plan to buy in 2018 too will feature the power of this much awaited Qualcomm 5G X50 Processor. On top of it, you surely have to wait for a couple of months to grab the much awaited 5G phone from Qualcomm.

Ultimate 5G Power: Believe it or not, 5G is round the corner in the form of the world’s first 5G wireless chip incorporated in the upcoming Snapdragon X50 modem.

This much awaited processor is considered to be the next super intelligent step towards 5G technology which will be way too faster than the existing speed. In fact, we heard that Qualcomm is already putting efforts to bring this 5G technology not just to phones but also to popular devices like wireless hotspot devices.

Watch out for Limitations: At the same time, you need to be aware of the limitations associated with this 5G technology network. For instance, your existing 3G or 4G devices may not sync with 5G, so you might need to get another wireless chip to enjoy 5G.

1st 5G Phone: Qualcomm has in fact succeeded in conducting a trial 5G test on a single-chip smartphone. Perhaps, this is the reason that the company is pretty sure about its success in this advanced technology.

This trial test on the very first 5G phone was successful with the help of 28GHz spectrum and high speed broadband like 25Mbps, which is still about 200 times slower than the latest 5G technology.

You can expect to get hold on this upcoming Qualcomm 5G phone very soon in 2018.

About Qualcomm Technologies: Qualcomm Technologies is the first company that announced the arrival of 5G chipset in the upcoming devices. The company officials revealed that the company is still testing its efficiency before offering it to users worldwide.

Although, earlier it was speculated that 5G won’t reach the common man until 2019 but now seeing the advancements made every other day inside the company, hopes are high that you may get to fetch the first 5G enabled X50 processor chipset in the first quarter of 2018 itself.

Qualcomm’s 1st 5G Phone: You need not wait much longer for the arrival of the 1st 5G enabled smartphone because recently Qualcomm revealed some images of this 5th generation mobile network.

Although, hard to believe but it will be there in front of you soon and we believe this 1st 5G phone from Qualcomm will sport an elegant glass back. You will see a brilliant dual rear side camera with features like dual flash and other innovative camera features.