Duplicate Files on system – Cumbersome!

Duplicate Files on system – Cumbersome
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All of us have faced the issue of duplicate files on our PCs or laptops at some point in time. More than the issue of storage space being hogged unnecessarily, it’s the lethargy that the system starts to perform with and the ever-present time taking the task of sifting through duplicate files to find the original one.

One will be able to find a lot of different software available online for free to help with this menace called duplicate files, but why go through all that trouble of trial and error with the different software when the most efficient are staring right at you.

This said, the software goes by the name of CCleaner. It is one of the most efficient file management softwares one can get their hands on.

Why CCleaner, you might ask? We, because it effectively keeps checking for duplicate files on the computer’s drives in a completely nonintrusive manner, cleans them and frees space. It does all of this and doesn’t even charge a dime (the base version, i.e., CCleaner can be downloaded from the World Wide Web very easily).

How to Use CCleaner??

  • Run CCleaner on the system
  • Select the Tools option from the left-hand side bar
  • Click on duplicate finder
  • Tick on all the boxes to run the process or select the options as per need
  • Select the folder or drive wherein the check needs to be performed and click on Search
  • A list displaying the duplicate files will be displayed on completion of the program run
  • Tick mark against the files that you want to remove or delete
  • Click on delete

Other Softwares in the field

There are other softwares too such as dupeGuru, Easy Duplicate Finder, Duplicate Files Finder, etc. which have a little more intuitive UI or a more advanced algorithm in use but might be a paid tool. All of the softwares have some advantage or disadvantage over the other.

Easy Duplicate Finder

This software works on the ‘drag and drop’ logic. One will have to select the files of whose duplicates they want to check for, then drag and drop those file onto the easy duplicate finder program window and then hit the ‘Run Scan’ button. Once the scan is over it will prompt the user to select the duplicate copies that they want to delete and the software will delete them on its own. One can use this for images, music, videos, and documents.


This software has three versions – Standard, Music and Pictures. As the names of the different versions suggest, Standard runs a check for all the files either using their name or the content of the files; Music looks for duplicate files of formats MP3, WMA, OGG, ACC, and FLAC. Pictures, on the other hand, just runs a check on the image files having formats JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP.

Duplicate Files Finder

This is another efficient and lightweight tool that one can utilize to identify duplicate files on one’s system and then go ahead to take the appropriate action on them. It is stored over on SourceForge.