Driverless cars drive the retail market!

Driverless cars drive
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Today’s digital era has witnessed an unprecedented growth in online shopping, given the kind of convenience it offers. That’s not all,  benefits such as great savings owing to big discounts and special offers as well as easy to return/exchange policies are yet other factors that draw today’s millenial generation.

However, there are many products and services that people are still reluctant to buy online because they want to to touch and feel the product and be assured of the quality before paying their hard earned money in exchange for the commodity. This could include product categories such as apparel, electronics, art, home furnishings and other high-value purchases. So, brick and mortar retailers still continue to rule in these categories.

But what if customers could get the best-of-both-worlds and get to enjoy the convenience of shopping from home but only after they are convinced about the product! A brick-and-mortar store on the move can be the answer to this challenge.

Not only will they be a good alternative to online shopping for customer, but will also help retailers cut down on cost on be present where there’s a demand for the product.

How autonomous cars will disrupt the retail market

Think of the spatial capacity of an autonomous car. It offers greater scope to play around with the product layout or display, interior design etc. Since this is just the beginning of autonomous cars, with changing times, it’ll not be long before designers adapt and come up with some great innovations to the designs of these cars and make them an ideal platform for retailers to sell their wares.

Moreover, autonomous cars will change the way commodities move from one point to another. Here is how they will impact the four major areas of transportation:

1. Logistics

Logistics and supply chain area vital component for successful retail business. When and what the customers want at ease is the focus of the retail industry. So, it is expected that big logistics firms will mitigate the risk of shortage of skilled drivers and providing efficient services by adopting the visionary technology.

2. Home deliveries 

The driverless delivery car will do the job. Reports suggest that the Google hopes that its autonomous vehicle will support one of the Amazon prime competitors for the same day delivery option. The news also predicts that Amazon, also, might use autonomous cars for delivery of packages in the near future.

3. Vehicle’s Productivity

It is expected that the vehicle can be productive even if the owner is not present in it. So, even when the owner goes to office, the car goes shopping! So, in a way autonomous cars will be the employees of tomorrow.

4. Customer Service

With driverless cars retailers can match upto their online counterparts and offer customers yet another advantage of easily picking up any return or exchange requests.

Don’t forget the flip side:

Although the thought of using autonomous cars to boost retail may sound exciting, there is a flip side to every technology. The technology will also give birth to new concerns, such as unemployed drivers, congestion on the road etc.

However, once the idea kicks off, and retailers develop sound plans around how to use autonomous cars as a means to drive sales, it will be a huge disruptor in the retail space.