Chrome OS becoming tablet friendly

Chrome OS becoming tablet friendly
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There was a period when Chrome OS designed by giant Google wasn’t the best idea. Back in 2010, when the first Chrome book was launched, it was all black and heavy devices. Google has traversed a long way and steadily moving towards the touch-oriented chrome books, and these touch screen gadgets are becoming popular day by day.

For the first time in six years, in 2016, Google’s Chrome books outsold Apple’s Mac, according to Google, in the first quarter of the year; US schools purchased more Chrome books than any other devices. The technology is taking a twirl and a new desktop is now available in the Chrome OS Canary channel. And in coming weeks, Chrome OS will have a knack of heaps of apps in Google Play Store that will work exactly the same way on Android.

Chrome OS crew are the fortune teller:

The newfangled launcher is in test phase and only present in Canary Channel. Users get loads of perk, where they can unveil the treasure of apps once they wipe up the launcher at the bottom of the screen, which only shows a few apps and a search bar initially. Moreover, they also get the privilege to use the voice search feature with a single click. The UI has a polished look along with the revived new touch launcher in touch screen Chrome.

The revolution will make people customary to use a new platform. Many users had issues with chrome book not having Word or Excel. Now, billions of users will have Snapchat, Uber, WeChat, and Duolingo on their laptops. The Android apps will provide better offline assistance. The chrome book will have multiple windows, desktop application features.

The experts believe that the people will buy chrome books over windows in near future, for factors other than price. The $1000 chrome book was just not worth it, but now, it will be an expedient buy for users. In addition to the apps, the device will sport higher performance hardware and sturdy battery.

What’s ahead?

PC industry is going to acknowledge the most experimental phase of the market of the times, in coming weeks. There are times when users feel an urge to have a larger screen, a keyboard and track pad, and mobile is just not enough sometimes. The integration of Google’s Chrome and Google’s Android is next big thing. And Chrome team is blessed for the fact that Google owns Android.

However, there are developers who are not galvanized by the whirling changes, but it is too early to decide. Google has to keep in mind and work accordingly, that Microsoft has also released Windows 10 S, which is targeting to capture Google dominated education market.

Google is trying to make to management agree to make businesses use Chrome books instead of old Windows XP devices. The Chrome books are high-end technology devices and they are going to offer the completely different experience we have had ever before.