Bing has taken shares of search business in US and UK

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Bing, Microsoft-owned web search engine, has surprised the search market by entering into a territory Google has long dominated and grabbing a major chunk of the market, specifically in the US and UK.

Bing is a more popular search engine in US and UK compared to other countries and regions.

Bing Search is steadily seizing the Google searches:

Bing is growing at a steady pace and can prove to be a serious threat to Google’s core business. A few years back, the search engine cost Microsoft 1 billion dollars and many thought the service as an outcast. But the search engine has proved critics wrong and its growth and market share statics are testimony to this.

ComScore revealed its statistics for PC searches in March 2017. The figures show 33% of web market capture in the United States. The United Kingdom share has grown up to 26%, according to the reports. ComSore’s results imply 5 billion searches in the US every month, while around 980 million searches in the UK. The resrearch reveals that one-third of searches in the US are made through Bing, while in UK the ratio is one out of every four searches.

Bing Market Share:

Bing has a global market share of 9%. Bing share includes Yahoo and AOL searches by Microsoft. But it is important to note that the web market share of Bing in Asia-Pacific region has gone down to only 3% currently.

The comScore report unveils that the market share of Microsoft’s Bing is 19%, 17%, 12%, and 24% in France, Canada, Australia, and Taiwan respectively.

MS power user claims in the report to Bing heading towards $5 billion revenue per year. Moreover, the revenue will beat many industry bigwigs like Twitter. Bing has grown 30 – 40% over the last year, which is a substantial growth for the company.

The reason behind the rise:

The release of Windows 10 and the Surface devices have been instrumental in influencing the number game. The growth is mainly powered by Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS which has Bing as the integrated windows search. Windows 10 operating system has Bing as the default search engine for Microsoft edge as well as the Internet Explorer. As a result of this, the search engine is steadily pacing ahead in the market, revealed the data released by ComScore.

The penetration of Windows 10 devices in the market is on an upswing. Moreover, it is fronted with Cortana, intelligent personal assistant, which again conducts the searches via Bing as the search engine. With time, the increased use of Cortana will directly influence the growth of the Microsoft-powered search engine.

Bing is expected to use its new tactics to leverage LinkedIn, Microsoft’s social network, and hope to further add to the Bing’s growth. LinkedIn has a strong presence, and unique concept might help Bing grow further. We anticipate the growth path continues for the software giant.

Bing still lacks its presence in mobile; however, the desktop still is an integral part of making the search engine decisive about any strategies. It’ time advertisers who ignore Bing now giv the platform a second thought to boost their own fortunes!