ZTE CSX -a project to get crowdsourced ideas for 2017 device

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Chinese telecom firm ZTE came up with its new project called Project CSX. This ambitious project is to receive crowdsourced user ideas for its next Mobile Phone. The plans are to launch the device in 2017. For the project, the company recently launched a website that gathers and organizes these user ideas.
The company plans two development stages and seeks user involvement in both. The company offers loose guidelines for the process. It says the device has to be mobile. Also, it wants that the ideas are affordable for common people, and the technology realizable till 2017.
ZTE wrote a forum about the project. It read, "ZTE is committing to build a mobile product by 2017 based on your ideas and your votes. We're listening to you, and to our community because you know best. You don't need some random person, in some unknown organization, to decide what's best for you. This is your opportunity to voice yourself and to tell us what to build. Along the way in this fun and creative process, we're also giving away prizes."
Users can put up their ideas on the site until August 31. Then ZTE will assess these ideas, and the best ones would form a list for voting. ZTE plans to scrutinize the best concept till October and use the rest of 2016 developing the device. It wants to announce and launch the device 2017. Users can register on ZTE'S Z-Community forum to submit their concepts.
The selection process isn't much perceptible. But the secretive process also intrigues the people. The CEO of ZTE USA, Lixin Cheng, released a press statement. He told that the company would be crowdsourcing something new from start to finish. But, he said ZTE would sure pick and choose the suggestions that best suit its current plans. Winning submissions will receive cash prizes throughout the process.
ZTE'S latest offering is ZmaxPro priced $99. It's a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner at the rear panel. The USP of the smartphone is its 6-inch full-HD (1080×1920 p) display and Octacore Snapdragon 617 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz. The device has a RAM of 2GB.