YouTube TV finally goes Live in five Cities!

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Last February social media giant YouTube announced that it is working on a live TV streaming bundle, to give every cable provider a run for their money! Now that time has finally come as YouTube has unveiled its latest project dubbed as the YouTube TV. Currently the YouTube live streaming bundle is only available in five cities including, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

Since the YouTube TV is only available in some markets, it subtly implies that YouTube is trying to target a niche before launching the TV service for the rest of the world. Looks like YouTube is ready to take over another industry with its latest service, and showcases the fact that they are ready to take on the likes of PlayStation Vue and Sling TV.

What is the YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is currently being offered at an affordable price of $35.00 and there is no doubt that this service is offering substantial value in exchange for money. This service empowers users to record live TV on a cloud DVR; this cloud network has the capacity of storing content for nine months!

According to sources, YouTube is offering a free one month trial, after the trial period if the first months payment has been made then the user will receive a free Chrome cast. This means end users can easily stream live content from an array of different channels after making the first months payment. Some of the channels that are available for all users are :

  • CNBC
  • Fox News
  • National Geographic
  • USA
  • Free Form
  • Fox Business
  • NBC Sports Network
  • ESPN
  • Fox sports 1
  • Disney
  • ABC
  • NBC

This service includes a cloud DVR that allows end users to simultaneously record their favorite TV shows for nine months, when the maximum limit has reached the oldest content will automatically be deleted making more room for new recorded content. Every YouTube membership includes six different logins; this allows six different people to login from the same account.

Each login will have their own personalized content recommendations and three members can simultaneously use the application at the same time! Currently the initial package includes over 50 different channels and will also include local channels such as weather services. YouTube has stated that this extensive list of channels will slowly keep expanding but no specified time frame has been allotted but premium networks such as Netflix and Showtime are available for an additional charge.

How to download the YouTube TV?

By now you must be wondering how exactly you can get your hands on this versatile live TV streaming service, well its quite simple all you have to do is download the application from the Apple App store. Make sure you are physically present in the area that you will most frequently use the application and voila, now you have Live TV in the palm of your hand! Once the application has been downloaded, you can now start streaming on any apple device and enjoy a whole new experience of live TV streaming.