Yahoos communications Chief quits before Verizon takeover

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It was July 25th when Verizon announced that it is going to acquire the core assets of Yahoo. Verizon cut the deal for just $4.8 billion owing to the sinking valuation of Yahoo. The biggie in telecommunications will now merge its core services with the Yahoo web services which still has a large count of users all over.
Followed by this takeover, the Vice President of Yahoo Inc.'s global public relations and communications, Anne Espiritu decided to quit the company. Her tenure lasted 4 years. Espiritu was the second Google employee acquired by the company. Prior to this, Marissa Mayer as the CEO of Yahoo was the only migration from Google to Yahoo.
Espiritu had been in discussions with Mayer for quite some time as to when should she quit. Under the CEO Mayer, she was an asset to Yahoo in helping the growth of communications. She also got criticised in Wall Street and press owing to the stumbling sales growth and share losses.
Sheila Tran is going to succeed Espiritu for the concerned profile- reports an anonymous internal source. The reports are not official yet.
Yahoo wishes her well-being. It states- "We are incredibly grateful for her hard work, dedication, and unwavering support over the past four years. We wish her luck in her next adventure."