Windows-10 tries to divert users from chrome to edge

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"Chrome is draining your battery faster. Switch to Microsoft Edge for up to 36 percent more browsing time." This is the notification many Windows10 users recently saw popped up. Rudy Huyn, an app developer was the first to sight the notification. He even shared a screenshot of it. However, not all the Windows 10 users received the notification.
Microsoft has many a time forced its preferences over its users. It even had to pay $10,000 to a woman who lost her important files when Windows 10 got installed on her computer without any permission. This trick can prove beneficial but it sure will irk a lot of users again.
With intent to convince the users to switch to the browser Microsoft-Edge, the company released a video in June. The video compares the battery efficiency of Edge to other browsers. Now it is sending notifications to the Windows 10 users inducing them to make the switch.
In the video, Microsoft presented a comparison between the battery lives of laptops using edge versus other. Video claimed that laptops using Edge are 17 to 70 percent more battery efficient than those with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.
Last month, Microsoft took the campaign further ahead. It claimed that Microsoft's Edge and Apple's Safari browser for OS X are the only browsers to support full HD playback resolution for Netflix streaming. Further, Microsoft says that Edge gives out better bitrates than other browsers. In a document post, Microsoft claimed that other browsers have a limitation up to the resolution of 720p whereas Edge supports 1080p.