Windows 10 rolls out its anniversary updates

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Microsoft is now rolling out the Anniversary updates of its latest OS Windows 10. These updates would apply to all the machines running the version. The update would be free of any charges.
Windows 10 saw the fastest start in the history of Windows. Eight months post the launch, and it occupies about 300 million active devices at present. A huge number as it seems. Within this time, Windows 10 outpaces the previous best Windows 7 by 145 percent.
These updates for sure would take place in a certain number of phases. Some users can get it early, and others may have to wait for some time. The Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile was expected simultaneously, but that's not the case as of now. For now, the Microsoft says that the update would be out in a few weeks.
For the users already having Windows 10, the upgrade is costless. Users with other older version of the Windows would have to pay $119 to get the updated Windows 10. The company ended the free upgrade program fro 7 and 8.1 on 29th of July. Still an existing loophole allows them to update for free.
The updates can also be manually installed by the users of Windows 10 only. The ones with Windows 10 PC at the workplace must consult their administrators for the upgrade.
Microsoft announced the Anniversary update back in March during the Annual Build Conference. The update brings some catchy changes to the OS. Its edge browser now has more stylus support with Windows Ink. The browser has enhancements than the previous one furthermore.
Hello and Cortana also got improved. With this update, Cortana will now be able to make suggestions to the users. It will be available on the lock screen, and you don't have to unlock the PC to use it.
Windows right through its history was an open ecosystem. It always welcomes any contributions of the hardware and software partners around the world. The Windows still stands intact with its openness that was always the part of its history.
You can be one of the earliest to use the Anniversary update of the Windows 10. You can join the Windows Insider Program and install the latest build.