Will Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch be able to compete with Apple Watch 3?

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch
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If you thought that the recently launched Apple Watch 3 is going to the rule the smartwatch world alone, then you are mistaken! Next month, the new Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch will arrive to give it a tough competition.

In fact, we suggest you wait for its launch to compare it with Apple Watch 3 and buy the one that is best in terms of features and style. This is considered to be the first official smartwatch to be launched by Fitbit , and like Apple, it will mark the 10th anniversary celebration for Fitbit.

Design: As far as the size of this much awaited smartwatch is considered, we have learnt that it will be a 1.47inch watch with sophisticated looks. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch will be a beautiful looking square shape watch with a slightly curved screen made of metal.

Waterproof: Moreover, this is a waterproof watch that will be safe to be worn underwater upto 50 meters with its 5ATM waterproof material. The body itself is made of strong and durable aluminium.

There is no doubt that wearing this watch will enhance the style quotient of the user; such is the design and look of this upcoming smartwatch.

Battery & Storage: It has been revealed by the company that this new Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch will smartly offer a strong battery life that will last upto 4 days with GPS off and upto 10 hours with GPS on mode.

On the other hand, we believe that this soon to be released Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch will come with a decent 2.5 GB storage.

Fitness Tracker: Now, revealing the best part about this upcoming Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch, its fitness tracking features! Well, there is hardly any feature that you won’t see in this much awaited watch that is found in all the latest fitness trackers.

It features move alerts, guided breathing, heart rate sensor, automatic exercise feature, sleep monitor as well as swim metrics sensor. So, all in all, Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch is a complete fitness tracker no less than the recently launched Apple Watch 3.

Smart Sensors: Apple Watch 3 is definitely going to face tough competition from Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch that will feature smart sensors like Digital Compass, Ambient Light Sensor, 3-Axis Accelerometer, Altimeter, Optical Heart Rate Monitor, Sp02 Sensor and Vibration Motor.

Connectivity: At the same time, it is confirmed that the new Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch will offer spectacular connectivity with Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Mobile Payments, Wireless Sync and other similar essential networks with utmost ease.

Price & Availability: You will be able to buy this smartwatch from the house of Fitbit at a price of $299.95, and yes, it is confirmed as told before that this watch will be available in global markets in October 2017.