What’s Good in the New Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD Headset

Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD Headset
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Get set for an odyssey in the imagination world with the new Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD Headset. Designed by the world-class electronic maker, Acer,this smart headset offers an ultimate mixed reality experience to users of all ages.

Choosing this headset over other AR and VR headsets from ace manufacturers like HTC andGoogle will not disappoint you, as it allows you to set your virtual home with superb content related to culture, sports, travel, games and live concerts within a span of 10 or even less minutes.

Awesome Mixed Reality: Come escape into the whole world of mixed reality with this newly launched Acer Mixed Reality HMD Headset. Get ready to surround yourself with endless apps from about 20K titles. Have fun running movies in your own virtual theatre on this device from the house of Acer. You can even open another browser on an additional screen and experience a multiplex like feel sitting at the comfort of your home with this headset.

An Innovative Approach: The makers at Acer have tried their best to incorporate the best technologies to offer the best possible experience to the users through their Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD Headset. The device at the same time boasts of an inside-out tracking that has been built in to produce precise movement fidelity without installing any specific hardware on the walls.

This is not all, innovation comes at its best with spatial audio in this headset from the house of Acer, as it allows you to hear sounds even from some particular locations as if from the real world. Moreover, using the advanced motion controller, using this device becomes a child’s play.

Detailed Specifications: Revealing the exact specifications of this amazing headset, we would mention that it features a 2.89 inch diagonal display size with upto 105 degrees of horizontal field of view. The display offers a brilliant resolution of 1440 x 1440 with a superb refresh rate of upto 90 Hz.

You get a decent 400m cable with this device and a single cable with a useful HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectivity. Not to forget, you also get motion controllers with this awesome headset meant to make you enjoy a superior mixed reality experience.

Easy to setup: Another interesting thing worth mentioning about this new Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD Headset is that it is utmost easy to setup in the quickest possible way. As mentioned ago, it takes even less than 10 minutes for this device to set up to take you to an awesome journey of content with realistic effects.

On the other hand, the best thing is that it doesn’t restrict your comfort level and allows you to wear it and enjoy sitting on your chair, specific desk and anywhere in the room. Moreover, since there are no additional external sensors, so you can actually enjoy its mixed reality experienced from anywhere inside your house.

Price & Availability: Be prepared to shell out at least $399 to buy Acer Windows Mixed Reality HMD Headset for yourself.