Apple iPhone 11 or the rumored iPhone X Plus 2018?

Apple iPhone 11 or the rumored iPhone X Plus 2018
Apple iPhone 11 or the rumored iPhone X Plus 2018
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The buzz around the recently launched iPhone X has not yet settled and we have some fresh news brewing up from the house of Apple, Inc. While, not many people who ordered their iPhone X may not have actually received the phone and rumors about its successor are already floating all around on the internet. We are indeed talking about the rumoured iPhone X Plus or iPhone 11, as you may call it. However, there are still people who assume it to be announced as iPhone 9 as well. So, keep guessing and till the time we will share with you some inside leaks or rumors about the same much awaited phone from the house of Apple.

Brilliant OLED Display:

One of the biggest speculations about Apple iPhone 11 is that it will sport a brilliant OLED Display. If earlier statements and leaked reports are to be observed, we heard that earlier Apple wished to have 5.28, 5.85 or 6.46 inches displays in its upcoming iPhone models. But, now the company has dropped the plan is aiming to bring forth a smartphone with a massive 6.5 inch display that too an OLED display.

Company at the moment is keeping a strict eye on marketability potential and perhaps this is the reason for it to drop its plan to incorporate a less marketable screen size. Moreover, we believe that the company this time wish to bring forth a less expensive phone, so they have shifted their choice to make it a 6.1-inch phone that may fit into the budget for a number of interested users. At the moment, iPhones launched feature full LCD Displays, so the craze for the first ever OLED Display on an Apple phone will definitely keep many hooked for its official announcement in the coming year 2018.

Micro LED Screens:

At the same time, according to some other rumors about the same phone, it will come feature Micro LED screens just like the ones that appeared on Apple Watch. The best part about this screen is that consumes less power and still offers high brightness with ultra high definition and faster response rate and better color saturation.

Revival of TrueDepth Camera:

Another major expectation to be seen and found in the much awaited iPhone X Plus smartphone is that it may bring back the long lost TrueDepth Camera. Yes, according to inside leaks, unlike in previous iPhone models, this time the upcoming model will not sport the TrueDepth 3D camera at the rear side but at the front side. Still, we need to wait for the actual announcement about the same from company officials!

Powerful Battery along with Wireless charging:

At the same time, this 6.5-inch iPhone from the house of Apple Inc. is expected to come with a powerful battery this time. This year’s iPhone X incorporated a smart L-shaped battery for efficient usage in limited space. Similar battery seems to be fitted in the upcoming smartphone models from the company. This powerful battery will be supplied by none other than LG Chem, the trusted partner for Apple for batteries over years.

If rumors are to be believed, iPhone X Plus will also come along with a smart wireless charging feature to ease the lives of many users who are always on the go. Although, still kept as a tight secret, this wireless charging feature is highly speculated to be incorporated on this much awaited smartphone from the ace smartphone maker. In fact, it is believed that Apple has been working with Energous, a company known to generate a charging technique that can charge an iPhone from upto 15 feet distance from a transmitter. We sincerely hope that you will get to experience same technology in the rumoured successor of iPhone X.

What Else Expected:

Needless to say that expectations are high from the upcoming smartphones from Apple Inc. and one such big expectation is that the new model will come with a more flexible circuit board that is already been incorporated in some popular Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Through this advanced circuit board, even Apple will be able to make an iPhone with a super sexy curved display.

4G will seem to be the thing of past with all eyes set on the new Apple phones to support the upcoming 5G technology. Yes, rest assured to experience an amazing data speed on the upcoming phones from the prestigious company. In fact, some inside reports suggests that Apple has already applied with the renowned FCC to start testing millimetre wave, a new wireless technology that will allow different devices to connect with more bandwidth than ever experienced in the past.

Another thing expected to be see on this much talked about smartphone model from the company is that it may come with a baseband chip from none other than Intel and Qualcomm. As per reports, these chips will be much faster than and will enhance the speed of the iPhone from the current 2×2 MIMO (multiple inpute output technology) to an unbelievable 4×4 MIMO.

Price and Availability Speculations:

Now, coming back to the most exciting part of our story, the price and release date of iPhone X Plus or the rumoured iPhone 11 or 9! As you may know that iPhone X is the most expensive phone from the company till date and since we are expecting greater features and technologies in its successor, the price will definitely shoot up! However, we have news that the company still wants to slash down its costs so that interested users may buy it without any hesitation, so at the moment, nothing can be predicted about the price of this particular phone.

On the other hand, according to inside reports, this brilliant OLED phone from the house is by all means going to be announced and officially launched in 2018 and in the platter you may also get other models too from Apple. Moreover, some believe that this phone will be launched by the company in September or October 2018 because this year too the company launched its three models in October 2017.