What to expect from iOS 10

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iOS 10 is finally here and apple fans all over the world are loving it. If you are still wondering whether you should upgrade right away or not, here is our list of features that would make you jump right to it.

1. Do away with unnecessary apps
Didn’t you always want to delete preloaded apps that you don’t use like Stocks, Weather, Mail? Your wish has been granted! Just like you delete other apps on iOS, now you will be able to delete these as well. However, Apple has claimed that these apps are not really removed from your system – only the icon is hidden, so you won't really gain any additional storage from deleting them. But imagine the clutter you can do away with! If you ever decide to retrieve these apps, just go to the App Store and install it like any other app.

2. Shut down multiple tabs in Safari or open up more
For one of those days, when you get an OCD for closing the 20 something tabs you have running all at once in Safari. Say hello to a clean new slate by tapping and holding the tab button on the bottom-right – and click close (in red) to close all tabs at once.
On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who loves multiple tabs and rarely ever shuts down inactive one, there is good news for you as well. While the previous version allowed for only 36 tabs to be open at once, iOS 10 has removed all such restrictions. This means you can have as many tabs as you want open at any given point.

3. Save default numbers, email address in contacts
Till now, if you opened a contact in the Contacts app, you would see four blue icons – text, call, FaceTime, and email. If your contact has more than one numbers and/or email addresses you can now save one of those as the default. This can be done by tapping and holding one of the icons that you want to edit and you will see an option of picking a default. The next time you open this contact and tap on the edited contact icon, your phone will directly text, mail or call the default number or email address that you selected.
4. Recent number in call log
When you store a contact with multiple numbers, there is a chance you would not remember which number to call them on or which number to make default. To fix this, iOS 10 has a feature where you can identify the default number by opening call log, taping the I icon next to contact name and you will see the recent flag next to the number you called recently. If you wish to call them again, you will know which one to choose.
5. Raise it up!
When you pick up and raise your iOS 10 iphone you will be able to see the lock screen, check notifications or see the time. This feature, however, is only applicable to iPhone 6s and newer devices. It can just as easily be disabled from Settings > Display and Brightness > Disable Raise to Wake.

6. Dial Assist
If you are bothered by unknown numbers calling you, iOS 10 is at your rescue. The new feature called Dial Assist will let you see which city and state the incoming number belongs to and will even show this in your call log. To enable this, go to Settings > Phone > turn on Dial Assist. This works for incoming calls from both landline and mobile numbers.

7. Bedtime and Wake Up Time
Move over the night mode in existing versions, iOS 10 has the all new Bedtime feature. This allows users to set a bedtime and a wake-up time. The app will notify you to sleep on time and wake you up with a calm, relaxing tone instead of the usual alarm tones. The Clock app also comes with a new dark mode, designed especially for when you turn off the lights.

8. Check all unread emails at once
The iOS 10 Mail app now has a very useful new feature on the bottom-left of the screen. This allows you to check all unread emails at once. This can be done by tapping once and only the emails you haven't read yet will appear. Additionally, like the capabilities of the previous versions, long-pressing buttons to add filters such as CC, file attachments, flagged, addressed to me and so on are still available.

9. Hide people from your photos
If for some reason, you have photos of people in your phone who you would rather not see, the new iOS 10 allows you to tag and identify people and subsequently hide them from viewing in your photo albums. This particular app update seems like a big overhaul but its utility in real life is yet to be seen. This feature can be enabled by opening people album, select the ones who don’t wish to see and tap on hide on the bottom left.
10. Doodle on photos and draw on iMessage
This is something that android fans have had for a long time now. Finally, iOS 10 allows you to doodle away on photographs using a feature called Markup. Doodle away opening a photo in the photos app, tap on the settings icon, tap the three dots on top left, and select Markup.
To scribble on iMessages, open any conversation and pull up the keyboard. Enable landscape mode and tilt your phone. This will automatically open the draw screen. Not only can you draw anything you want, you can also choose from existing scribbled message templates available in iOS 10.
By all means, this is one of the major iOS updates we have seen in years. Unlike previous upgrades that largely provided security controls, this one is a feature-rich upgrade that fans are going to love. This upgrade also brings iOS users at par with rich notification and features that android users have enjoyed for long now. As with any other major upgrade, this one comes with a big size and typically weighs in between 600MB and 1.2GB depending on the device you are using.

Comment below to let us know which is your favorite feature of new iOS 10? Have you discovered anything not listed here? Do you think apple is finally catching up with android features?