Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 News 27 March

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All right Samsung Galaxy fans; this is what you all have been waiting for. The Samsung Galaxy series is all set to welcome its new S8 and S8 Plus models. But what features will be added and what design changes will be made to these new models? Let’s find out.

After the catastrophe that was the Note 7, people have been expecting something spectacular from Samsung. And spectacular it is expected to be. Let’s begin.

It is rumored that the dual curved edge screen will be made the standard, which was previously reserved for the Samsung Galaxy Edge series only. This rumor is backed by a Korean herald report where Samsung essentially meant to say “curved is the new flat” as it is planning to remove the flat screen altogether from this line of phones. The metal and glass back is set to continue. Samsung is copying Apple, some people believe, and we can’t blame them. It seems evident that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are adaptations from Apple’s way of naming their phones. Although, Samsung’s major differentiating factors will be the battery life, phone size and camera specs and performance. Screen sizes are set to go up with the

Looks like larger phones are back in fashion as Samsung is also taking the leap by removing the home button as it is trying to retain its size while trying to fit larger screens in both S8 and S8 edge models and thinning the top and bottom bezels with the S8 size rumored to be 5.7 inch instead of the 5.1 inch screen from Galaxy S7 and S8 plus will be 6.2 inch instead of the 5.5 inch screen from the S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to feature its very own S-pen for the first time, which was previous found only with the Note Series. If this happens may blur the “edges” between Note and Galaxy series even further. It may drop the 3.5mm jack in support of the USB-C audio (again copying Apple if it does this) but what it may do with its speakers is awesome to consider. Samsung recently acquired Harman of Harman Kardon speakers which it may feature at the top and bottom of the phone. The secondary camera may have auto focus and a dual 12 MP main camera is expected only to accompany the S8 plus.

Samsung Galaxy has called dibs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, and rightly so. It is helping with the development of the processing chip. The chip is small at 10nm but pucks the powerful Adreno 540 GPU for 40% better efficiency and 27% better performance, thus better battery life. It is Quick Charge 4.0 supported, which can virtually give 5hours of battery life on a single charge of 5 minutes. The RAM is said to be bumped to 6GB from the 4GB DDR4 in the S7 although the SD 835 can support 8GB so only time will tell.

Note 7’s disaster has got Samsung spooked so this might just delay the release date from April 2017, as they want to be absolutely sure that a repeat of the Note 7 disaster does not occur. It is also the reason why Samsung mobile President, Koh Dong-jin announced to Reuters that theS8’s announcement will not be at the Mobile World Congress trade show. It is rumored that Samsung will hold its own unpack event in March to unleash the S8 in the world.