Rumors surrounding Upcoming Fitbit Ionic 2 Watch

Upcoming Fitbit Ionic 2 Watch
Upcoming Fitbit Ionic 2 Watch
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If you thought that you couldn’t get a better fitness tracker than Fitbit Ionic Watch, then here is a piece of good news for you. The famous fitness tracker maker, Fitbit is all set to bring forth its upgraded Fitbit Ionic 2 Watch very soon in the global market.

Get set to experience a faster, smoother and better fitness tracking with the upcoming Fitbit Ionic 2 Watch. Whatever went missed out on the previous watch will now be covered in this much-awaited fitness watch from the house of Fitbit.

Expectations are high that the company will launch this new watch somewhere in September 2018 because there is a lot that remains to incorporated in it for improved user experience.

Better Responsive Screen: The first and foremost thing that we expect to see in this upcoming Fitbit Ionic 2 watch is a better responsive screen. It is because users were not very happy with the slow responding touchscreen of its predecessor, Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, and they are expecting to see an improvement on this aspect in this upcoming model.

Sleeker Bezels: Other than the touchscreen, what we expect to see in Fitbit Ionic 2 are sleeker bezels and an overall better look. At the same time, the raise-to-wake gesture that was not performing so well on Fitbit Ionic is expected to come with an improved version of this upcoming fitness tracker.

Apt Support for Music Streaming: On the other hand, rest assured to experience exceptional support for music streaming on this soon to be released wearable fitness tracker. If the predecessor had 2.5 GB of space for music storage, then better be assured to get more or at least this much in this upcoming successor too.

Moreover, this time on we also expecting a perfect Pandora support in the US on Fitbit Ionic 2 Smartwatch. Users may even get the option to switch between different music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify too with utmost convenience.

Improved Battery: Although at present there is no revelation about the battery power of this upcoming watch from the house of Fitbit, we are speculating it to come packed with improved control this time. All the sluggish energy may be replaced in this successor of Fitbit Ionic tremendously.

Improved App Offering: There is also no reason to worry for installing any latest apps on this much-awaited watch from Fitbit because just like all the most recent smartwatches and smartphones, this one too will come with a much desired App Gallery. The aim here also will be to allow the users to use apps freely on this fitness tracker.

Personalized Watch Faces: Lastly, there are high hopes to get personalised watch faces with the required improvement this much-awaited fitness tracker that will inevitably come with a software upgrade. This watch is rumoured to go with improved personalisation that will allow the user to add widgets and even tweak faces easily.

Price & Availability: As mentioned earlier, Fitbit Ionic 2 Watch may roll out officially in the global markets in September 2018.

We are expecting this watch to cost around $299.95 in the US and around AU$449 in Australia.