Track it all with the New Fitbit Wearable Smart Watch

New Fitbit Wearable Smart Watch
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Fitbit, a popular fitness gadget maker, is gearing up to launch its very first smart watch. People these days want everything on the move and that is why designing something like a smart watch  is a smart idea indeed!

Expected to sport a stylish design that resembles clos ely the Blaze Fitness Watch, this soon to be launched smart watch from the house of Fitbit is expected to track even your heart rate! Read on to know how to track it all with the new Fitbit Wearable Smart Watch!

Looks: Featuring a full fledged app store and amazing cross platform functionalities, this cool Fitbit wearable smart watch sports thinner looks as compared to the already popular Blaze Smart Watch. It won’t be wrong stating this one to be a fitness tracker cum smart watch. From what we could make out from the leaked images, the Fitbit Wearable Smart Watch will feature three main buttons including two on the right hand side and one on the left hand side.

Sensors: We are expecting this much talked about Fitbit smart watch to sport different sensors to precisely track all your fitness movements, including heart rate! In fact, the images revealed that there will be a green optical heart rate sensor or some dual red sensors to give the user an accurate tracking of the heart rate. So, this one is actually going to be a suitable gift for those suffering from cardiovascular issues. Apart from these, we believe it to sport an infrared sensor too for measuring the precise oxygen levels in the blood of a user. This is a new feature that was not seen in the Blaze Smart Watch.

Connectivity: But are you wondering why this device has been termed as a smart watch? If this is the question bothering you, then let us inform you that Fitbit has put in the latest technologies while designing this product as it has done in all its earlier fitness tracking gadgets. The officials at Fitbit, in fact, confirmed that this new smart watch will offer superb connectivity with GPS and other important networks. Perhaps, this is the reason to call it a smart watch.

Other Features: On the other hand, speculations are high that the Fitbit Wearable Smart Watch is going to be a water resistant watch and can be easily taken upto 50 meters underwater. Apart from this, this watch is rumoured to incorporate the fabulous features of Pebble’s Software to offer the users with a cross platform functionality and compatible apps on the different Android and iOS Stores.

Price & Availability: The upcoming Fitbit Wearable Smart Watch is expected to be available in three color variants including, one with a navy strap and a silver case, one with a blue strap and a gold case and one with a black strap and a darker case. The price estimate of this much awaited smart watch from the house of Fitbit is still unknown, so stay tuned to know about it from us!