Top 6 VR Headsets to look forward to in 2018

Top 6 VR Headsets to look forward to in 2018
Top 6 VR Headsets to look forward to in 2018
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The new generation is constantly on the lookout for latest gadgets owing to their penchant for technology. Perhaps this is the reason we have so many virtual reality devices being launched every now and then. With so many companies like Google, Samsung, LG, Oculus and Sony, that have introduced their virtual reality equipments, the task to choose the best may seem complicated. So, here is a list of Top 6 VR gadgets to look forward  to in 2018.

1.    Google Daydream View

Launched a couple of months ago, Google Daydream View comes right there on top of the list of most desirable virtual reality headphones to watch out for in 2018. Featuring an innovative concept that opens new gateways for a complete gaming experience of the new generation, Google Daydream View is very light to wear as it comes with comfortable and adjustable straps. Its wider lenses comes custom designed for a precise viewing experience and it can also be paired without any hassles with the recently launched Google Pixel 2 Smartphone.

Available in colors like charcoal, fog and coral, this pretty looking VR gadget is not to be missed out! All you need to spend to pick this VR device in 2018 is $99, which is quite affordable.

2.    Samsung Gear VR

Up next on second slot of best VR headsets to look forward in 2018 is none other than the Samsung Gear VR. Buying this particular VR device means enjoying a high definition display with superb visuals and unbelievable 360 panoramic photos. Easy to use and install, this virtual reality device can also be connected directly to your smartphone. The only big issue with this device is that the app needed to play on is very large and needs a lot of time to download but once downloaded it will set up within a few minutes only.


Weighing just about 345 grams, this headset has been developed by Samsung in collaboration with none other than Oculus, another renowned company for eye gear. As far as the exact dimensions are considered, it measures 207 x 120 x 98mm in dimensions. All you need to spend to buy this device is about $99.99.

3.    HTC Vive

The latest to join the bandwagon of VR Headsets Online is the new HTC Vive from the house of HTC. Designed to offer the best ever gaming experience incorporating the latest technologies, this particular virtual reality device is seriously not to be missed out.

Although, a bit expensive as compared to the other VR devices in the market, this one from HTC scores high for its wireless touch controllers with a natural feeling interaction and a whole range of available games.

One big problem with this device is its complicated initial setup but once set, HTC Vive will give you a  gaming experience unlike ever before, making you jump and roam around all the virtual objects. Thanks to its integrated sensors that tend to offer the user an amazing visual effect with complimenting audio features.

Be prepared to spend at least $599 to buy this product from the house of HTC.

4.    Oculus Rift:

When talking about the Best VR Headsets to look forward in 2018, one cannot forget mentioning about the Oculus Rift VR device. Packed with bundle of features to boast of, this VR device from Oculus incorporates a number of sensors to provide both the eyes a great display full of high visual quality.

The high point of this device is its tracking system technology. Another thing worth praising about this gadget is that it allows you to manipulate different objects in a complete virtual environment.

Bit expensive, this virtual reality device is very comfortable to wear and brings touch senses and superior visual and audio effects right in front of your eyes and ears.

This pretty gadget from Oculus is available in an 8GB RAM model. It comes with a wireless remote control for an additional ease of use. Priced at $199, this virtual reality headset is quite affordable from its predecessor that was priced at $399.

5.    LG 360 VR

At number five position comes LG 360 VR headset with its very compact size and easy to set up design. Featuring a 6-axis Motion Tracking and a brilliant 639 ppi Dual Display, this headset lets you enjoy 360 contents, as hinted by its name. This gadget comes fitted with a nice horizontal 80 degree lens.

The only con in this device is that it is not wireless, unlike other similar gadgets in the market. Moreover, only limited apps are at present made available to be enjoyed on this virtual reality product. The exact measurements of this device are 164 x 185 x 45mm and all it weighs is just about 134 grams. Priced at $199, this pretty device is also compatible with LG G5 smartphone.

6.    Sony PlayStation VR

Last in our list of top 6 VR Headsets comes none other than the all time favourite Sony PlayStation VR. Designed to meet and compliment all the playstation games, this particular gadget offers an amazing 120 frames per second visual effects.


This product from the house of Sony incorporates 3D Audio Technology and an advanced VR Display. All you need is to just plug and play a number of games with a true VR feeling on this device.

In the box you will get not just the gadget but an HDMI cable, USB cable, AC adapter, stereo ear buds, a power cord and a PS VR headset connection adaptor.

This product from Sony measures 187 x 185 x 277mm in dimensions and weighs about 610 grams. You need to spend at least $277 to buy this expensive VR gadget from any online portal or gadget store.