Top 5 Drones You Should Know About

Top 5 Drones You Should Know About
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These days, almost every other household owns a drone. The main reason behind this craze for drone is the exhilarating feeling of flying a device that can record videos, take pictures and annoy people from a distance.

People not only use drones for the thrill of controlling such a powerful device but also due to the fact that it has given photographers powers they could only imagine in the past. Natural geographic and many other organizations have used drones to capture breathtaking pictures of places physically impossible to reach; besides this, even the army uses drones for discreet missions. Every day, people are finding more ways to enjoy drones and let’s just say that drones are flying off the shelves. That is exactly why the drone industry has evolved so much in a short span of time.

Top 5 Drones

For people considering to purchase a drone to make their lives a little more fun, these are the top 5 drones that we would recommend, keeping into perspective the price and functionality of the drone.

  • UDI U818A: This is the perfect drone for people who have never flown one before, as this drone is designed using lightweight material, which makes it fast and easy to fly. What really makes this drone so attractive is its price as it is easily available in the market for $47.99, but bear in mind the picture and video quality is nothing special.
  • Parrot BEBOP: This lightweight drone has really hit the market with a bang as it is one of the first drones that are safe to fly indoors. Besides this, the drone has been designed to aerodynamic perfection, which makes it easy to maneuver and to perform aerial flips. This drone can easily be controlled through a tablet or mobile device and has JPG image quality.
  • DJI Inspire 1: This is an expensive drone but is worth every single penny. It has the capacity of recording 4k quality videos with its 360 rotating camera. Besides this, the DJI Inspire 1 has separate camera and flight control that can be used through a secondary external device. What really sets this drone apart from the rest of the pack is its vision positioning system that helps capture moments like never before.
  • DJI Phantom 4: Another top drone of the DJI line is the phantom 4. This drone is extremely easy to fly and has an outstanding operating range of 720p. It has many other unique features including inbuilt programming through which the drone can fly back home on its own. It also has a sublime camera that record 4K videos and has embedded subject recognition as well as a tracking feature. The DJI Phantom also has a sports mode, which allows the drone to pick up high speed within no time.
  • SYMA X5C: Last but not the least is the SYMA X5C drone, which is perfect for beginners. This drone has been specifically designed for young children as it is easy to fly and has a robust body that can take high amount of damage. Besides this, what really attracts users to this drone besides its price is the fact that it can easily be repaired. It also has a simple and comfortable controller that allows consumers to truly enjoy the experience of flying a drone.

All of these drones mentioned above are the most popular drones that are currently doing the rounds in the market.