Top 4 New Gadgets Launched at CES 2018

Top 4 New Gadgets Launched at CES 2018
Top 4 New Gadgets Launched at CES 2018
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CES or Consumer Electronics Show is an annual trade show held by the world-renowned Consumer Technology Association or CTA in Las Vegas, where all the top electronic makers come forward to showcase their latest innovative products and gadgets. Like every year, the craze was high for CES 2018 that was recently held at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA between 9th and 12th Jan, 2018. People witnessed an array of countless new gadgets launched at CES 2018 ranging from smart televisions to security systems and what not!

Keeping up with its 50 years old trend of serving as a launching pad for breakthrough technologies, CES was a success yet again in 2018. All the prestigious brands like Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, Panasonic, Ban & Olufsen, LG, HTC, Huawei, Amazon and many more came forward and unveiled their latest products to make this show memorable for the rest of the year.

 Although, the show is now over, we thought to reflect back on the best products launched and appreciated during this largest consumer electronic trade show. So, if you are keen to know which products grabbed the limelight at this biggest gadget extravaganza of 2018, we have shortlisted a few for you!

1.       Samsung “The Wall” MicroLED TV

Samsung “The Wall” MicroLED TV
Samsung “The Wall” MicroLED TV


To begin with, we have a unique television from the house of Samsung that surprised many who were fascinated with mere OLED and LED technologies. Yes, we are indeed talking about the new and eye catching Samsung “The Wall” MicroLED TVs. If you remember, Samsung proudly launched its new flat panel TV called The Frame at the last year’s CES 2017, this time, the company decided to move a step further by unveiling its latest MicroLED TVs called The Wall.

First Modular TV with MicroLED:   Considered to be the first modular TV with MicroLED, Samsung MicroLED TVs feature a never seen before multiple borderless designing that gels together into one massive screen. This particular television has grabbed all the attention for its one massive screen measuring not less than 146 inches in a diagonal form. Rightly named The Wall, this TV is capable of covering the entire wall with utmost ease.

 This self emitted MicroLED 146” display TV is a perfect piece to demonstrate how technology can evolve to offer a stupendous viewing experience to the consumers. The unique MicroLED technology incorporated in this gadget actually removes the need of filtering colors and even backlight for an ultimate television viewing experience.

Moreover, the MicroLED screen exhibits excellence in offering durability and luminous efficiency while consuming the least power during its operation. The bezel less and module based design of this recently launched television is a perfect example to see how now the consumers have a choice to customize the size and shape of their television sets as per their requirement.

8K Picture Quality Compatible AI Technology: Another main highlight of The Wall from the house of Samsung it its 8K Picture Quality compatible AI Technology or Artificial Intelligence Technology. In other words, Samsung MicroLED TV delivers a perfect 8K resolution, which is almost double the resolution delivered by the ruling 4K televisions in the market.

The new 8K AI technology has been added to this masterpiece to offer a proprietary algorithm so as to help adjust the screen resolution solely based on the picture quality of each scene viewed on the television. The aim to incorporate this technology is to help improve the picture quality on a continuous basis and thereby transform it into a high 8K resolution.

At the same time, this new 8K technology aims to enhance the viewing experience by adding on many other new features like detail enhancement, noise reduction, upgradation to the standard definition content, edge restoration and outlining screen objects along with an automatic sound adjustment.

Better Upgraded with Bixby: The list of interesting features incorporated on The Wall from Samsung doesn’t end here! This unique piece of innovation also comes upgraded with intelligent platforms like Bixby, Universal Guide and SmartThings. Bixby in particular is a Samsung developed smart assistant that helps improving interaction between users and the television due to its intuitive UX and voice analysis capabilities.

On the other hand, SmartThings allows the user to share and connect easily with other smart devices through this television. Not just Bixby and SmartThings, this time,  this interesting television will also support the upcoming Universal Guide that is expected to be launched in 2018 to automatically recommend television content to the user according to his or her preference.

Will Beat OLED and LED: At the same time, by unveiling this smart MicroLED television, Samsung made clear its plans to beat the currently ruling OLED and LED devices. Moreover, it also indicated that this big company will not join the emerging world of OLED any further because it has some different plans in terms of MicroLED.

However, while the company will continue upgrading its QLED devices in 2018, its main emphasis this year will be on MicroLED devices. The reason behind  this is because the company believes that MicroLED will be less prone to burn-in problems and will be more reliable to offer better display technology with very less chances of failure to impress the users as compared to OLED devices. In fact, the company revealed the self-emitting MicroLED technology in 2017 itself but now we finally have the first product with this innovative technology launched by the ace electronic maker, Samsung, for all to see and experience.

Availability: While launching The Wall, Samsung also revealed its plan to launch the first QLED 8K AI technology supporting TV in the international markets like US and Korea in the latter half of the year 2018. At the same time, the company has not made any official statement about the official availability and pricing of this product, so the wait to buy this screen of the future will keep you waiting a bit more!

2.       Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Shape

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Shape
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Shape


Music lovers around the world are always keen to know about the latest products from the house of Bang & Olufsen and fortunately, another very attractive gadget launched at CES 2018 is something from this prestigious company itself. The brand that created numerous audio products used CES 2018 as the opportunity to unveil its new Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Shape wireless speaker system.  

Customizable Design: Designed to fit perfectly anywhere to look like a work of art, these speakers come with a unique customizable design that comprise of hexagonal shaped tiles. Each of its tiles consists of amplifiers, speakers and sound absorbing acoustic dampeners. These wall mounted speakers can be easily mounted in a bedroom, drawing room, boardroom and even in a kitchen with perfect matching.

Feel free to create your own B&O BeoSound Shape speakers through the company’s Online Configuration Tool. The hexagon shape of these speakers, in fact, makes them easy to expand as per preference and the outcome in all creations will be just perfect in terms of a powerful music experience. Moreover, one can choose to pick from a range of fabric colors while buying these speakers including, wild dove grey, moss green, brown, Parisian night blue, purple heart, infantry green, pink, dark blue, Brazilian clay and black.

Immersive Sound Staging: B&O promised to deliver immersive sound staging through its newly launched BeoSound Shape speakers. The focus here is not just to deliver optimized sound for just one fixed location but to offer a unique algorithm smartly distributed all across the room through incredible signals. This gadget will in fact turn your wall into a superb stage of live audio performance like experience, that too with utmost ease.

Improved Room Acoustics: Rest assured to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with the improved room acoustics delivered by BeoSound Shape wireless speakers even in open multifunctional areas. The damper tiles used in these speakers help absorbing the sound waves instead of reflecting them for an overall improved audio experience. 

Smart All-in-One Speaker System: Believe it or not but BeoSound Shape is not just a speaker but a complete audio system that incorporates no less than 44 individual speakers turned together to offer a mind blowing digital music experience at a detailed high resolution audio quality. You will experience all music with zero noise on this smart all-in-one-speaker system designed by Band & Olufsen.                                                                                                                

Superb Connectivity: Like all other recently launched smart devices, this one too from the house of B&O offers superb connectivity and thanks to its very own BeoSound Core Connectivity Hub for that! This hub lets you easily stream music right from your phone, notebook, Bluetooth 4.1, Chromecast and Apple AirPlay. Moreover, these speakers can also be easily paired wirelessly with upto five Essence Remote controllers all connected to just one system. 

Availability: B&O aims to launch these speakers in the international markets in August 2018 at a price that is still a mystery to us, so stay tuned to grab the latest updates about its official release date and price specifications.

3.       Aura

Tesla Aura
Tesla Aura


Yet another unique gadget unveiled at CES 2018 is Aura. Well, now if the name sounds interesting and you really wish to know what is Aura all about, then your search ends here! Aura has been designed to simplify home monitoring in today’s hectic life schedule, where it is hard to ensure home’s safety by staying home all day long.

Innovation at its Best:   Also, acclaimed as CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree, Aura is a smart monitoring system that allows you to keep a watch on your home even from your smartphone. Aura offers an innovative way of letting you track motion even from place where cameras can’t reach.

The most innovative thing about Aura monitoring device is that the moment you enter, the lights will turn on and the temperature inside will get automatically controlled as per your preference with your favourite music on. You can even keep an eye on your teenager to know whether there is party going on in your absence or some serious studies, so you are always in the know!

 Perfect Home Monitoring: Your home is one place with constant ins and outs from your kids, pets, visitors, guests and house helps. In such a scenario, Aura comes to your rescue by offering a perfect home monitoring and automating your connected smart devices by letting you know who visited your home through its powerful motion technology.

The user can easily control Aura through Aura Home mobile app and check live motion and where the motion occurs. One can even choose between 5 different scenes including pet, guardian, home, away and night. This is not all, this smart device provides tailored notifications totally synchronized with timestamps, so that you can know what is happening when at your home in your absence.

Starter Kit: The starter kit of Aura can easily monitor around 700 sq.ft area, while offering the user to also add up to 3 Accessory Beacons for an expanded coverage.  This is not all, the starter kit also offers amazing mesh capabilities. Apart from this, you get other options too to monitor the whole home or certain specific areas of your home.

 Pet Scene: Even if you have pets at home, worry not, because Aura excels in monitoring the pet’s motions too. Thanks to its incredible Pet Scene Mode that will help you understand your pet motion every single day. When set on this Pet Scene, Aura will deliberately ignore the pet motion in your absence to keep a track of your home as a whole.                        

Easy Connectivity with Smart Devices: Designed in perfect harmony with all the latest smart phones the user may own, the Aura Home Monitoring Device offers easy connectivity. It can be easily connected with Amazon Alexa and Philips wireless lightning products. Moreover, it can also work in proper coordination with Google Assistant and IFTTT.

 Easy Setup:  Offering an easy to setup mechanism, Aura can easily be plugged into the wall for a quick home monitoring. Once plugged, all one needs to do is follow the instructions given on the in-app and the device will start monitoring as per your instructions without wasting much time.

 Pricing & Availability: The starter kit of Aura is priced at $199 and includes 1 Hub and 1 Beacon to cover approximately 700 sq.ft of area with notifications on 4 scenes.  You may also choose to buy the starter kit with 2 and 3 beacons and with each additional beacon, you need to spend additional $99. At the most you can add 3 beacons and enjoy receiving notifications with 5 scenes for a perfect home monitoring.

 4.       Nvidia Drive Xavier

Nvidia Drive Xavier
Nvidia Drive Xavier


With an eye for the autonomous cars of the future, Nvidia launched its innovative Nvidia Drive Xavier in CES 2018 held recently in Las Vegas. Considered to be the most sophisticated chipset created so far, this gadget will help offering a series of AI features to the autonomous vehicles. Over 9 million transistors together form this intelligent chip that will definitely help improving the future of autonomous vehicles around the world.

Most Powerful SoC: Bringing forward artificial intelligence or AI technology to offer the user an ultimate driving experience, Nvidia Drive Xavier is rightly called the most powerful SoC of the world. It in fact, took more than 2,000 Nvidia engineers to work for a period of four years with an enormous investment of over $2 billion to develop this latest Nvidia technology.

Smart Autonomous AI: This is in fact, not the first time that this world the renowned company has unveiled an autonomous AI enabled device.  In the past too, the company brought forward innovative technologies for self driving cars like Nvidia Drive and Nvidia Drive PX2. Over the years, Nvidia has emerged successfully in the market of autonomous vehicles with faster and more precise processors. However, this time, it took a step further by making this processor way more efficient and capable using the latest n AI technology.

Part of Nvidia Pegasus: During CES 2018, the officials from the company revealed that Xavier Drive is actually a part of a bigger and vast computer system developed for self-driving cars. What Nvidia wanted to say here was that Xavier will soon be seen as a successful part of Nvidia Pegasus, which will be small sized device capable of operating vehicles without any steering wheel, mirrors and gas pedal. With this, the company surely indicated that Xavier will dominate the arena of self driving vehicles because it will be part and parcel of the next big technology.

Hardware Functionality & Processor Design: Incorporating a custom 8-core CPU with the latest 512-core Volta GPU, this latest device from Nvidia has emerged as an innovative computer added accelerator. This is not all. This product boasts of the latest 8K HDR video processors. Designed to deliver over 30 trillion operations per second by just consuming about 30 watts of power, Xavier Driver is also capable of providing smart HD mapping to the user.

Intelligent Chip: This new intelligent chip has a power to offer an output of 30TOPs at just 20W. The aim here was to develop a complex yet simplified gadget to offer better processing power consuming comparatively less energy. Moreover, the company somewhat succeeded in doing so because Nvidia Drive Xavier is probably 15 times better in terms of efficiency than the previously launched machines.   

Perfect Algorithms: So, far Xavier is the most powerful drive launched by Nvidia with a chip providing a full range of HDR along with tile based rendering at 1.5 GPIX/s. Apart from this, the DLA engine incorporated is smart enough to perform 10 TOPs INT8 and 5 TFLOPs. Then, there is also an equally smart PVA engine to deliver 1.6 TOPs with features like image processing, optical flow and stereo disparity as well. To top it all, all this intelligent networking is being monitored by the 16 CSI, which is also able to drive 109 Gbps with proper support for 10gE and 1 gE.

Availability: Although, still in its sampling phase, Nvidia plans to make the samples of Nvidia Drive Xavier to all the renowned automotive partners in the first quarter of 2018 itself. While, the actual product will be made available for mass production in the last quarter of 2018. Moreover, as told before, the company revealed its future plan of making this drive a part of the bigger and better Drive Pegasus platform too that will comprise of not one two Volta GPUs. At the same time, we are still waiting to get the price updates about this innovative product that won a lot of acclaim at CES 2018.

The Winners: The whole event was marked with launches of interesting gadgets featuring the best of technologies but some of them truly stood apart in terms of innovation and functionality. It was Nvidia Drive Xavier that emerged  to be the winner as the best gadget with a breakthrough technology. Up next, was The Wall from Samsung that grabbed all attention for its wall sized display and the latest MicroLED technology.

 Conclusion: From the wall sized televisions to autonomous vehicles, from the world’s thinnest laptop to smart home monitoring systems, from intelligent robots to smart wearable gadgets, CES 2018 served as the perfect springboard for the launch of various innovative gadgets from around the world. AI, VR and AR along with MicroLED and other interesting technologies were seen to emerge further in the latest products of top-notch companies like Samsung, Bang & Olufsen, Nvidia, Sony, LG and Huawei.

All in all, history seemed to repeat itself because the recently held CES 2018 at Las Vegas, Nevada was a big hit and catered to the interests of both manufacturers and consumers at the same time. Moreover, it surely seems that the future of the gadget world is bright and prospering every single day with so many innovative devices launched every year at the prestigious CES event.

Stay tuned to grab all the latest updates about the happening products launched at CES 2018!