The VuLiv Player App

The VuLiv Player App
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Mobi Serve Private Ltd, an internet startup based out of Haryana, India, has released a new app named VuLiv. What VuLiv aims to achieve is to redefine the way we consume content on the go by providing a common integrated platform on our mobile devices.

What is VuLiv

VuLiv is a platform available in the form of an app which can be downloaded on our mobile devices. The app seamlessly integrates all of the online as well as offline content be it music, videos, and even pictures and makes it available to us on just one platform.

This means that we can access YouTube as well as videos stored on our phone’s memory card from just one location instead of toggling between different apps.

The app helps users by saving the toggling time and the efforts with the easy online-offline access mode.

How it works

VuLiv opens by default in the offline mode with all the user’s images, music as well as videos stored on the mobile device being displayed.

With a very simple and convenient swipe, one can switch to the online mode wherein suggested content published on the World Wide Web can also be accessed by the user.

The app is backed up by a machine learning algorithm which studies and follows the user’s activity in the app and then suggests the related type of content to the user for him/her to view or explore.

Mr. Manoj Gupta, co-founder, VuLiv, aims to break the language barrier with this feature of his app. He states that the user will not have to type in the search bar at all, as within seconds of a video being played a list of related clips will also be displayed to the user should he/she wish to explore some more.

The app, along with providing support to almost all of the widely accepted formats of music, video and images, also bundles in features such as a slideshow, an equalizer, gesture controls, folder view, music widget as well as a floating screen which it hopes will provide a better user experience with the ease of multitasking.

E-Commerce section of the app

A section which stands out from all of this is that of e-commerce. The app has a small section which lists a different kind of gift items which can be bought online if the user chooses.

The app doesn’t aim to compete with the likes of Flipkart or Amazon in the e-commerce space. The app also lists out promotional coupons from different websites which can be bought to get discounts from their primary websites. This feature, also being present, makes it a micro shopping platform app but only to fulfill a minimal purpose.

The app already has over 9 million downloads on the play store with the company aiming to reach the magical number of 100 million downloads in the next three years.