The updates in Apple’s watch and the launch of the Home Pod

Apple’s watch
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Apple introduced a lot of new technologies and innovations in their WWDC for 2017, held a couple of days ago. While the updates related to the MacOS, the iMac and the IOS have caught attention straightaway; other astounding revelations regarding Apple’s watch and the Home Pod haven’t yet garnered the user’s attention. Both, the upgrades on the Apple watch, and the launch of the Home Pod signal exciting times and promise a whole array of innovations for the users.

Apples Home Pod

With the increasing saturation in the market, Apple in the latest WWDC sought to broaden the scope of the technologies that they currently deal in. One of the technologies that they announced, during the annual event, was the “Home Pod” which is the tech giants attempt to penetrate into the market for home gadgets and accessories. The Home Pod is a new generation speaker controlled by the voice. The device is Apples first new product category ever since the launch of the Apple watches in 2014.

The Home Pod is going to face stiff competition from the likes of Amazon Echo, which has surprisingly been a hit in the market. The voice controlled speaker by Amazon, which operates on a Wi-Fi, is a fan favorite currently, and it is to be seen how Apple and Google fare in the market.

There was criticism from a long time against Apples negligence to cater to this segment of the market. The criticism spurred on from the fact that failure to cater to this segment would make the tech giant miss out on the limitless opportunities that were initiated by the technology present within the smart phones. Apple has thus struck when the Iron is hot by launching the Home Pod which is an extension of their rich musical heritage. The name for the Home Pod is inspired from the Ipod music player, which laid the foundation for Apple’s music scene.

The Home Pod is said to be run by Apple’s coveted virtual assistant software, Siri. Besides playing music, the device has the ability to carry out various other functions as well. A few functions that the Home Pod can easily handle are:

  • The device can respond to all spoken commands given by the users. The commands can vary from basic ones like checking the news and the weather, to more complex ones like sending a text message to someone urgently.
  • The device can be used to control all other smart home devices. Managing all other smart devices within the home, places the Home Pod on a whole new level of its own.

The Home Pod will be released at the end of the current year, during the month of December. The device is priced at an understandable $349 and offers great value on the investment made. As the world makes the transition to the online world of technology and feasibility, devices like the Home Pod have got a huge role to play. The future is currently hidden, but what we do know is that technology is going to dictate the way things will work.

The innovation in Apples watch

Apple’s WWDC for 2017 was, without a doubt, a resounding success. Along with providing major updates and upgrades to the more anticipated products offered by them, the tech giants started the show by announcing a new and better Operating System for their groundbreaking Apple watch.

The update on the OS for the Apple Watch was one of the first things to be brought up within the annual meet. The new Operating System for the Apple watch or the WatchOs 4 promises to bring a better user experience for all users alike. The Apple watch has fared better than the ones launched by other tech companies, but has failed to achieve as much recognition as some other products from the portfolio of the giants. It is easily visible that Apple through the different features present in the WatchOs 4, wishes to broaden the horizons of the product and to make it stand out as the leader in the market. Some of the most exciting features incorporated into the Apple watch through the WatchOs 4 are:


The most interesting feature made available for Apple Watch users is the addition of the much awaited option of using a watch face made up of Siri. The specific watch face includes details regarding all specifics that an individual might be interested in. The watch face shows all traffic reports when you’re headed to somewhere and also updates you about all of your approaching appointments. The additions in the Operating Software make the Apple Watch achieve new heights, as people are bound to start using the device even more after the smart innovation.

An all new Fitness Push

Apples smart watch has started to reach out to individuals as the number one fitness accessory. The watch clicks all the perfect notes to become one of the best fitness trackers. The upgrade to WatchOs 4 is bound to generate personalized and improved fitness reports for all users. Achieving a goal will be marked with full screen animated celebrations that make a user enjoy every bit of it. The Apple watch also suggests activities, at the end of the evening that should be done to meet the desired daily goals set by the user.

The introduction of an upgraded interactive Operating System means that the Apple Watch can be used to switch between various different workout routines. When you are working out, the Watch will automatically switch over to the “Do Not Disturb” mode to reduce all hindrances. The Watch can also be used to sync with other sophisticated gym equipment to give equal attention to both health and fitness.

Both, Apple Watch and Home Pod offer the tech giants a chance to improvise. If the bets pay off well, Apple could well be for years to come the number one tech giant around.